Covid-19 Vaccination Progress

Last night’s figures on BBC TV East Midlands News about vaccination progress in Nottinghamshire were of considerable concern. I wrote to Councillor Steve Carr who has previously corresponded about progress in Broxtowe:

Dear Steve

I was appalled to hear on the BBC East Midlands TV News tonight that the performance from Nottinghamshire and Nottingham in vaccinating the over 80’s is well below the East Midlands average. I also see on the Nottingham Post website that residents are up in arms about having to travel to Lenton Lane as the nearest vaccination centre.

Are there any crumbs of comfort?

Kind regards

Steve Austin

I received the following reply:

Hi Steve

We are in a very frustrating situation. There is a serious issue but when I spoke to Darren Henry on Monday he didn’t think there is an issue. So it’s down to the Borough Council. We are currently sending letters to the NHS but their ability to act swiftly is questionable.

Those people who are disgruntled have every right to be. The Borough is being let down. I have come across cases where over 80 year olds have phoned and were 50 plus in the queue. After 30 minutes they are still only in the low 40s. Many just give up. Whilst some have and can use the website, many cannot.

I have heard on the unofficial hearsay that some plans are being made for local sites but as with everything in this pandemic, the secrecy is very frustrating.

I will let you know if you hear anything.



  1. On the Nottingham Covid Vaccination Patient Booking website this morning as I write it appears they are taking bookings for over 75’s but there are no appointments available. A new site on The Forest seems to be coming on stream for the over 80’s.


  2. Wouldn’t the Pearson Centre make a good local vaccination centre for Beeston/Chilwell/Bramcote etc? It has a decent sized hall, plenty of reception space for initial administration, a small car park (with two larger one within short walking distance).

    Maybe I am missing something, but all the vaccination response seems to be focused on the City.


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