Bus Routes L10 and L11 at Risk Again

Councillor Steve Carr writes: Nottingham City Council announced huge cuts in their services today as a result of their dire financial situation. I have attached the report.

One point to notice is the reduction in the budget for Link buses of £700k. Many residents will remember that we had to campaign to save the L10 and L11 two years ago and it looks like we will have to do it again.

Click this link to see the report.


  1. This has been kept very quiet, there are no details regarding the new L2 service and will it serve all the Wollaton residents as the L10 service has done for many years. also is the capacity on the L2 bus great enough to cope with all of residents that will now use it.
    would like to hear your comments.
    thank you


      1. Hi there is something saying the L2 will absorb part of L10 route. Can you take this matter up for your constituency what they are proposing is ridiculous.
        Thank you
        J kenny


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