Vaccines Delivery Plan

Below are the contents of an email sent out by the Conservative Party in Matt Hancocks name. Note the dates and the wording with them. Is this what you were expecting?

We’ve published our UK Vaccines Delivery Plan which maps out our route back to normality.

We are on track to offer the vaccine to all the most vulnerable groups by the middle of February – and the plan sets out how we will ensure every adult gets access to the vaccine.

We have always known vaccines would be our best way out of the pandemic and we moved fast and early to make sure Britain leads the way on vaccinations.

This action allowed us to be the first country to authorise a vaccine, secure access to 367 million doses and have more authorised vaccines than any country in the world.

So far, our Plan has allowed us to vaccinate over 2.3 million people – more than the rest of Europe combined.

Our plan sets out how we will expand and accelerate our rollout, creating the largest vaccination programme in British history, with:

• 206 active hospital sites
• 50 large vaccination centres
• 1,200 local vaccination sites

All meaning that by the end of the month everyone in England will be within 10 miles of a site or have a vaccine brought to them in highly remote areas.

And by mobilising a workforce of over 80,000 from the NHS, armed forces, and government, with the support of potentially over 200,000 members of the public, we can commit to the following timetable:

1) End of January – all residents and staff in over 10,000 care homes across the country will be offered a vaccine.
2) February 15th – all those in the top four priority groups, who account for 88% of fatalities, will be offered a first dose.
3) Spring – all nine high-risk groups for phase one of the programme (32 million people accounting for 99% of deaths) will be vaccinated.
4) Autumn – All UK adults will have been offered a vaccine.

We’re under no illusion as to the scale of the challenge ahead, but we have never felt more confident we can achieve our ambitious goals.

So as our NHS heroes put this vaccine delivery plan into action, and until we can see vaccines are saving lives, I must ask you to continue to:

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

Yours sincerely,
Matt Hancock
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care


  1. Well, we were told last year that there would be 30million doses of the Oxford vaccine ready by September 2020. However, come January 2021, there were only about 500,000 doses ready. We had run down the UK’s vaccine production capacity to nil and had to bolt stuff together to get going.


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