Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

Alan Beale writes: Now that the Covid national delivery plan is now published can Darren or Martin Plackett, John Doddy or any of our Bramcote politicians share with us the “local delivery plan” this was mentioned in Darren’s update…Dr Lovelock will update us?
Is that time now, tomorrow or next week?


  1. Good afternoon. The people you mentioned are not the current “Bramcote politicians”

    Just so happens that I have just emailed the Director of Public Health at Nottinghamshire County Council outlining my worries that Broxtowe seems to be lagging behind other areas.

    I will advise everyone of the response.


  2. I share your concerns. I am President of Bramcote and District Probus Club . The majority of the Members are over 70 and a significant proportion are over 80. As far as I am aware, only one Member has been invited for vaccination and he attends a GP surgery in Derbyshire, a county that is clearly on the ball! A number of Members have secured vaccination appointments at QMC but only after ringing up the appointment service off their own bat.
    There may well be a delivery plan for us – Lets see it and lets be updated on a regular basis so we have confidence in what is being done. That is sadly lacking at the moment.


    1. The Government has told people to wait till they are called so your members jumping the queue is not helpful to anyone trying to manage the rollout nor is it fair to those ahead of them on the list. I agree that we should have sight of the plan in the Broxtowe area at the earliest opportunity.


  3. QMC Vaccination Centre open for the over 80’s.

    Quite sure ‘roll out’ for Nottinghamshire will include GP surgeries and a large Centre with folk being contacted to attend.


  4. I have had a long conversation with the Chair of the COVID Recovery Committee who was quite blunt and honest. He told me that Broxtowe residents were expected to go to a site in the Lenton Industrial Park opposite the Showcase Cinema. This is not good enough.

    He has promised to get a senior member of the Health Service to telephone me. So far no phone call.


    1. Vaccine centres

      Many over 80s are patiently waiting to receive their “call up” letters whilst large numbers of appointment slots at local vaccine centres go unused. We we able to book my mother an appointment by Googling “swift queue COVID test Nottingham” which will give a list of local vaccine centres. At the time of posting there are numerous appointments available but you do need to be over 80, including same day.


  5. Steve/Martin
    Do you know when over 70’s in Bramcote will get an invite for a jab? Good if you could give specific dates, rather than “soonish”


  6. Sorry Alan have no more knowledge than yourself except to reiterate the NHS message of ‘wait to be called’. Steve is right our nearest Centre is opposite the Showcase Cinema., along with a QMC Clinic to which I know several Bramcote 80 plus year old residents have attended I also have it on good authority that some local G P practises await the A Z vaccine and are ready to go upon receipt
    4 Million folk already vaccinated to date only Sweden of our Continental neighbours come close at 1 Million. Let us rejoice at the progress so far and remain patient until the call comes.


  7. Hi all. Today has been very challenging. The Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council decided it was a good idea to share the website and phone number where you can book an appointment. This had meant that the NHS spent most of the day cancelling appointments that were ineligible.

    They are now having to employ a team of people permanently to remove these appointments .

    I also understand that local sites are to come on stream shortly in Broxtowe after myself and the Leader of Broxtowe BC kick up about the lack of local sites,. As is the usual case, the NHS are being quite secretive about their location. Very frustrating but as soon as I know I will post.


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