A new year means it’s time for the Shareware Clothing Scheme 3rd annual #Manuary focus.

In 2020 they supported 4416 men from the Nottingham centre.

That was 38% of all the people they supported.

Yet they permanently have less male clothing in stock then any other type of clothing.

The #Manuary campaign is to raise awareness of the fact that male clothing of all types is needed 365 days per year, to help men transform their own lives and lift themselves out of poverty.

Too often, the image the general public have of males needing clothing is restricted to rough sleepers.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

At the same time, men have a tendency to hoard clothes that they no longer wear much longer than women, and buy new clothes less often.

Or men wear clothes until they are falling apart, so that when they are finally donated they aren’t fit to be worn by others.

All of this leads to a reduced flow of male clothes donations, whilst the demand for male clothing at the centres looks set to rise.

Women, you can help Shareware to do something about this by getting the menfolk in your life to part with some of their unworn but high quality clothing.

Men, why not talk to your mates about the issue?

Male-only groups and organisations who are still meeting regularly online, why not organise a #Manuary drive as we start the new year?

All donations need to be booked in with Shareware as they cannot take any donations that have not been booked in at the moment for safety reasons.

The number to book in donations is 07724118666

You can find Shareware Clothing Scheme on Facebook at

Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427



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  1. I am sure many of us like myself have suits and other clothes we no longer wear that would make such a difference to those who would benefit from them via Shareware Clothing Scheme. Knowing that your unwanted suit could be word by someone going for that job interview and they get the job.

    Hopefully you can help and make that donation.


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