Covid-19 Vaccinations.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme is starting for the over 80’s but what is happening here in Bramcote? Some vaccinations have been done at QMC but I haven’t come across anybody who has had one done elsewhere unless they go to a doctors surgery in Derbyshire.

It also looks as though QMC are concerned that they are potentially wasting vaccine as they seem to be searching for over 80’s to vaccinate.

Its a poor start here.


  1. You have to get set up with the right fridges and have then validated. Carlton are ready but can’t get any vaccine yet.


  2. Hospital and Care Home Staff first priority together with 80 plus year olds being vaccinated daily at the QMC in 10 minute slots 7 days a week.

    From personal experience the roll out is progressing well with limited queuing in a safe and organised setting administered by attentive and caring staff


    1. This needs to roll out quickly to other convenient centres. Derbyshire seems to be achieving this.


  3. That is great news Martin about the roll out.
    Does Nottinghamshire have a public document that sets out the actual planned roll out?
    If it does can it be posted please.


  4. Does anyone know how soon it will be before the 90 years plus residents of Bramcote Hills are contacted to attend a clinic for our vaccination? There seems to be radio silence on this matter; we are an extremely vulnerable group of the community who need the vaccine urgently.


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