Stapleford meets Santa

Last night in Stapleford

Councillor Richard MacRae has sent an update from last night’s festivities.

Volunteers were out fundraising and being smiles and joy to the community.  

All the funds raised last night are to help Lee Richardson and family with much needed assistance to alterations to the house since he got back home from Hospital.  

They will be out and about again in a different area of Stapleford on Sunday evening starting at 6pm. They will leave the fire station and walk along Pinfold Lane then turn right onto Nottingham Rd then left onto Cliff Hill Avenue, left onto Windsor Street, right onto Blake Rd then across Toton Lane and onto Brookhill St and turn right onto Derby Rd, right onto Broadoak Drive then back onto Derby Road, left onto Albert Ave then onto William Road and left onto Derby Rd, left onto Warren Ave and down Frederick Rd, up Edward St and finish on Oakfield Rd.

They will set a tracker and share this on the Stapleford Community Group Facebook page just before they leave.



  1. Friday night was absolutely amazing. To see all the happy faces made it all worth it.
    When we stopped on the Bridge on Melbourne Road it was like the whole estate was out in the gardens and on the balconies waving.

    Then yesterday it was the drive through Grotto at Stapleford Fire Station.
    A little video put together can be watched via this link.

    We are back at Stapleford Fire Station from 1pm until 6pm then it is off around Stapleford for the second time out with the Sleigh. Visiting a different area in Stapleford.

    The volunteers have been absolutely amazing and the idea for the Santa Sleigh came about on Easter Sunday when we was out with the Easter Bunny delivering Easter Eggs which was donated to us by Aldi in Stapleford.


  2. This is the video from today at Stapleford Fire Station.

    Absolutely amazing event.

    After that it was a walk around Stapleford with the Santa Sleigh.


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