Let’s Get the School Built

More Purr’s from the CAT.

At the Bramcote CAT Meeting on Monday evening Paul Heery , Chief Executive Officer of the White Hills Park Trust, gave details of the current situation regarding the replacement school buildings in Bramcote. At last, it seems we a getting somewhere along what has been a very long and stony road.

Finance for the new buildings has been a long term problem but Nottinghamshire County Council are now proposing a new scheme involving the sale of the Coventry Lane playing fields. See

In this proposal the ownership of the Coventry Lane playing fields will be transferred to the White Hills Park Trust who will then sell them for housing to fund the replacement school buildings. This is a return to something similar to the original proposals – a U-Turn but now everybody seems happy with what is going forward.

The proposal has been discussed and agreed unanimously at today’s meeting of the Policy Committee of Nottinghamshire County Council.

As the land is being disposed of by the County Council at below value, the proposal will need Secretary of State approval. This will also be required as the land is part of the school playing fields.

Bramcote Today now asks that the legal processes are completed speedily and certainly before purdah which will be imposed before the County Council elections in May 2021.

Let’s Get the School Built!

You can see the Policy Committee meeting on YouTube . The discussion is near the end after about the 2hr 20min mark.



  1. Such a long time overdue. Hats off to Paul Heery for his steadfast patience and commiserations to all those pupils who deserved better buildings years ago. Whoever has prevented it happening should hang their heads in shame. What a way not to run local services….


  2. Yes after my intervention in the debate, my assertion that the rebuild could have “gone belly up” was refuted by a leading Conservative politician. But I know what went off and I don’t think the Tories realise that!


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