Purr – Good News from the CAT

Councillor Steve Carr announced at Bramcote CAT Meeting last night that Broxtowe Borough Council have decided to build a new leisure centre in the south of Broxtowe and that it will be in Bramcote on the site of the current leisure centre. Plans are still being worked through but Steve said he favoured putting the new leisure centre on the car park so the existing leisure centre could continue in the meantime. A temporary car park would be sited nearby.

Lets hope this is all achieved!


  1. A really excellent, informative and some good news from last evenings CAT meeting.

    Paul Heery the Executive Head of the WHF of schools advising the meeting that pending agreement from the County Council the School will take back control of the new school building project. The receipts from the development of the Coventry Lane playing fields being used to pay for the new build for me and I’m sure for others a necessary ‘pay back’ for the loss of precious greenbelt. Paul reiterated that the new buildings will be available for community use and consultations with the Community will be an integral part of the project.

    The news too that a new Leisure Centre is planned for Bramcote is again excellent news and one that for me personally and others has been a long desired objective.

    Whilst at this stage development receipts and building costs are unknown I would hope that IF IF any surplus funds were available post the sale of the land and the new build the Borough Council will continue the dialogue I instigated with the County Council to negotiate any such surplus be put towards the costs of the new leisure facilities. A further Bramcote residents hope as part of the ‘pay back’ for the loss of the playing fields.

    All good wishes for both projects and in particular my thanks in advance to those involved in the implementation .of the plans.


  2. The CAT meeting also reiterated the rejection of the latest plans for the Retirement Complex on the Golf Course site.
    It was pointed out that an appeal from the owners/developers may be forthcoming and as outline planning permission has been granted a new/revised plan application may be forthcoming.
    Whilst the original objections to building on this site still hold good it is important to remember that the original application rejected by the then Council in 2017 was upheld on appeal by an Inspector because the Authority did not quite have a 5 year land supply. This is not the case today.
    In his judgement the Inspector clearly indicted that any plans/development should be ‘low rise’. I would contend therefore because of the topography of this site any building above single story building would be high rise towering above the houses both in Wembley Gardens and Gateford Close.
    I would ask because of this judgement and expectation of size of development the Council seek legal advise and re visit the judgment with the Inspector. As said earlier the original objections still hold good not least to any building on this protected open green space


  3. Great news! Really pleased to hear they plan to build at the existing centre – and building on the car park is a good idea too. Just need some progress on the school now…


  4. Realising that Bus services either have to be commercially viable or receive subsidy from the public purse it does seem that building a fairly large housing development as is proposed for the playing fields needs some consideration for public transport. I would hope that the developers whoever they may be do enter into discussion s with the County Council and local bus operators regarding this. Such a service would also provide access to the Crematorium which is currently quite isolated from current services. In some other areas agreements including some on the outskirts of Derby have been entered into by developers instituting and contributing to a bus service while the development is in build and thus purchasers are used to using that service from the day that they move in and could indeed be a selling point. whereas if the service is introduced later the habit of car use is already ingrained. A point for our local Councillors and our MP surely to consider so avoiding too many multi car households from the start.


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