Reminder Bramcote CAT Meeting 7 December 7.00pm by Zoom


  1. Introductions and apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising (not covered elsewhere in agenda)
  4. Policing and Crime figures
  5. Bramcote School Development
  6. Road/Pedestrian Safety
  7. Other Highways Issues
  8. Fishpond Cottage
  9. Other Planning Issues:
    1. Golf Course
    2. Coventry Lane
  10. Neighbourhood Forum
  11. Flooding – Work with Severn Trent
  12. Covid Relief
  13. Bramcote Park Café
  14. Any other business

To participate use the zoom link below to join the meeting, just before 7pm, on Monday 7 December.


  1. Could anyone tell us what was decided in the cat meeting 5th December about FishpondJ Cottage haven’t heard anything about this .The local residents are wondering what’s going to happen about this we have not heard what’s happening to this area.We would be pleased to know what’s planned now for this land and the historic cottage .


    1. The council have abandoned their recent plans to redevelop Fishpond Cottage following concern from the community. They will now consider pans that are more appropriate to the area. I believe the formal minutes will soon be available to view.


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