160 Highway Trees Planted as Nottinghamshire County Council and Via East Midlands Celebrate National Tree Week

As we celebrate National Tree Week, a programme which will see 160 new trees planted on the highway in Nottinghamshire is underway.

The scheme, delivered by Via East Midlands – a company wholly owned by Nottinghamshire County Council, is taking place over the winter at locations throughout the county and will deliver around three times the number of new trees than previous years.

The first phase of the scheme commenced during the last week of November and will see 54 trees planted in locations such as Ashfield, Beeston and Bramcote, into pre-dug tree pits created by Via.

The trees are a range of species including Caucasian Lime and Ornamental Cherry trees, with the second phase due to be planted towards the end of December, before the final phase early in the new year.

Councillor John Cottee, Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities and Place Committee said: “We’re delighted to be planting so many trees on the highway in the county – three times as many as previous years.

“These trees will have a positive impact on our communities, not only providing environmental benefits, but also bringing the beauty of nature to our streets.

“We do everything we can to protect and increase our tree population in line with the Council’s environmental priorities and residents’ wishes.  We sometimes have to manage trees which become a potential danger to the public through damage or diseases such as ash die back, but we only remove them as a last resort. 

“Many of the trees we’re planting will be replacing those we’ve had to remove or at new sites in the vicinity.”

For more information please contact news@nottscc.gov.uk


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