Will the White Hills Park Federation Get Funds for Replacement School Buildings?

This has been a sorry long drawn out saga. However it looks as though the glimmer at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

A new proposal is going to the Policy Committee of Nottinghamshire County Council on 9 December which puts forward the latest plans for using Coventry Lane playing fields to fund the replacement school buildings. It seems the County Council are reverting to the Mark 1 plan where the ownership of Coventry Lane playing fields is transferred to the White Hills Park Federation who will then proceed to sell the playing fields for housing to fund the building work.



  1. Wasn’t this all discussed and agreed some years ago, in terms of selling fields to help pay for the school? Why is it taking so long?

    I don’t really understand the history of the old school site and college (only moved here 5 years ago), but it seems bizarre that you’d stop using the old school buildings and cram everyone into the old college when the new buildings haven’t been finished (or even started!). The teachers, kids and community deserve so much better.


  2. Totally agree Peter Chesney. This new building is well overdue for the school and community so really hope the council gets on with it – we have been waiting far too many years for this and the students, teachers and community deserves better


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