Bubble Gum

Great news for families as three households can meet over Christmas but is it as good as it appears on first sight and will it work?

We need to look closely at the rules when they are published.

However it appears the bubbles will be fixed, so you will not be able to mix with two households on Christmas Day and two different ones on Boxing Day. Households you are in a Christmas bubble with can’t be in others.

I have two grown up children who are married and live in separate households. We can all meet under the rules at Christmas for dinner as we usually do. However, if we do this, my son’s wife won’t be able to meet her mother or her brother as they live in two separate household bubbles. Similarly my daughter’s husband won’t be able to meet his mother or sister as they live in separate household bubbles.

Will people understand the rules and follow them? Hmmm!

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