Overgrown Hedges and Accumulated Leaves on the Ground at Cow Lane /A52.

Paul Summers, Head of Environment, Broxtowe Borough Council writes to Councillor Ian Tyler and Bramcote Today: Thanks you for the correspondence regarding concerns with respect to overgrown hedges and accumulated leaves on the ground (autumn) at Cow Lane /A52.

In response the Council has arranged for the leaves to be collected in the next two weeks – this will be undertaken as part of the regular clearance work which the Council undertakes at this time of the year ( 3 clearances in the autumn period ).

In respect to overhanging hedges the correspondence has been passed to the Highway Authority Nottinghamshire County Council Via EM for inspection and any necessary enforcement action; Private hedges are the responsibility of the land owner concerned. 

Should any reader of “Bramcote Today” wish to follow up on this communication please do not hesitate to contact Mr T Crawford on 0115 917 3643 or by email at tim.crawford@broxtowe.gov.uk


  1. Presumably the council will check which private properties have overhanging vegetation, ask for it to be cut back and cut it themselves if it is not done by the owners?


    1. ….and presumably recoup the cost from the individual owners as they have allowed their vegetation to encroach/obstruct the public highway due to inadequate maintenance.


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