1. Thank you to Steve and ano’s further pedestrian diaries.

    Both issues need urgent action.

    Quite sure if our BBC Representatives are contacted today they will ensure the Council clear the debris very quickly and by them also notifying the Police action on illegal parking will also be resolved


  2. I will speak with officers at County Hall about the pavement width and the leaves. I am afraid that parking on the pavement is still a police issue. I would recommend that these issues be phoned through to them as they occur so their resources can be diverted to tackle the problem. A word of caution though, the police are currently over stretched with Covid19 enforcement and the recent shooting investigation. However, they need to know there is a problem.


    1. Don’t the police and the council work from the same building? Perhaps they could talk to each and work as a team.


      1. Apart from the fact that the vast majority of council workers are working from home. That’s not how the police work though. They require official reports so that their resources can be prioritised.


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