Residents ideas taken forward in Broxtowe

19/11/20 – Ideas suggested by local residents in Broxtowe have been taken forward, following a consultation last year on the Council’s new corporate plan.

The Let’s Talk Broxtowe Consultation, asked residents for suggestions and ideas the Council could consider as part of its delivery of the plan, which aims to make Broxtowe a greener, safer, healthier Borough, where everyone prospers.

Councillor Milan Radulovic MBE, Leader of the Council said: “Given everything additional we have had to deliver this year during the pandemic, I think this list shows some really excellent progress and we are very grateful to all the staff involved. Over the coming months, we will be continuing to work through the remaining ideas suggested, along with delivering on the objectives we set out in the plan. Responding and planning our recovery from COVID-19 will also be a top priority.”

Here are just some of the ideas that were suggested by residents which the Council has been able to address so far.


  • You said: review public toilet provision and introduce changing places/toilets.
  • We did: £140,000 has been set aside to install a high quality Space to Change plus a unisex toilet facility in Beeston near to the tram and bus interchange.
  • We will continue to look at how we can implement your other suggestions like establishing more allotment schemes, using parks and open spaces for more events, introducing volunteer gardeners ad developing community-led initiatives to support people with mental health issues, loneliness and poverty.


  • You said: Make recycling messages clearer so people know what to recycle. 
  • We did: As part of our Green Futures programme, we are working to make sure that local people know how they can do their bit, including exactly what they can and can’t recycle – check out our A-Z of recycling
  • You said: Reduce air pollution. 
  • We did: We have had very positive feedback from the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on our Latest Air Quality Status Report. Further work will continue to be undertaken on this over the coming months.
  • You said: Have more informal grass areas to reduce the cost of grass cutting, be more wildlife friendly and have more meadow planting. 
  • We did: We have introduced new meadow areas this year, which have been very popular with local people. You can read more about our approach to m owing or not mowing grass areas in the Borough at

Business GrowthYou Said, We Did

  • You said: develop more business units. 
  • We did: following the success of Beeston Business Hub, a new hub in Stapleford is under construction. We are also working on identifying sites in the north of the Borough.


  • You said: More shared housing for younger people. 
  • We did: We are currently looking at different options to support you people with their housing needs. This includes considering a Community Living Network approach and working with our partners to identify suitable accommodation.
  • You said: Introduce better controls for housing in multiple occupation (HMOs). 
  • We did: We have started the process of an Article 4 Direction which will required planning permission to convert a family dwelling to an HMO, in part of the Borough. 

Community Safety

  • You said: set up more initiatives and partnering with local groups to reduce knife crime. 
  • We did: Our Community Safety Committee has agreed a new knife crime action plan to help us address this issue, working with partner and local people.
  • You also asked us to look at more activities for young people and to bring back the Family Fun Day in Eastwood. Unfortunately this has been delayed by the pandemic, but we hope to be able to progress these soon.

For more information about the plan visit


1 Comment

  1. On recycling what would really be useful is if Broxtowe aligned to the PET numbers. Most packaging is labelled in this way and it would make it really easy to know what can and can’t be recycled.
    Descriptions can be very misleading and so the PET numbers would be better.
    If I just looked at the descriptions on the Council website, I could infer some PET 1 and some PET 5 items were recyclable, Is this correct?
    I have written at least twice to Broxtowe BC for guidance and never had a response.
    I think most of us want to recycle more, but it isn’t made easy. Also on the Broxtowe BC website it says if the plastic is not in the description list then we are to use the black bin but I thought that went to landfill and wasn’t recycled?
    The Centres are equally confusing.
    I was told at the Lilac Grove recycling site they don’t recycle plastic, it goes to landfill after I had turned up with a few bags full. I had to drive to the Showcase recycling centre to get assurances the plastic would be recycled.
    Can we be clearer on what we should do and can we have more facilities for recycling plastic properly (not taking it off our hands for landfill) please?


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