Darren Henry MP calls on Government to Deliver on HS2 Hub Proposals

Media Release: A Nottinghamshire MP has urged the Government to ensure proposals for a major HS2 hub in his constituency are included in the Government’s rail masterplan.

And Conservative MP for Broxtowe, Darren Henry, said a new hub station at Toton would “create thousands of highly-skilled jobs” sparking a “huge improvement in local transport links and will establish the region as a centre for innovation and renewable energy generation”.

Speaking at a Westminster Hall Debate today <Tuesday> on the Integrated Rail Plan and High Speed Two, Mr Henry also called on the Government to ensure the Eastern Leg of Phase 2b of HS2 connecting Birmingham, to Toton, the East Midlands, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Leeds, is “delivered in full”.

The MP, who organised the debate and is co-chair of the Midlands Engine All Party Parliamentary Group, said he was concerned at suggestions plans for the eastern leg of HS2 would be scaled back and called any such move “counterintuitive, short-sighted and, frankly, unacceptable to communities in the Midlands that have suffered from decades of chronic underinvestment”.

But Mr Henry said he backs the Prime Minister’s aim to build back better and highlighted HS2 and the impacts it could have in the East Midlands.

“I wholeheartedly believe that this Government is committed to righting the wrongs of inequality, to levelling up and investing in the legacy of a green transport network,” he told the debate.

“In the East Midlands, the new hub station at Toton will create thousands of highly-skilled jobs, is sparking a huge improvement in local transport links and will establish the region as a centre for innovation and renewable energy  generation.

“It will provide green, carbon-neutral travel for the next century. It must go ahead, as the Prime Minister and numerous other Cabinet Ministers have repeatedly promised.”

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  1. We’ve seen so many false dawns over the years but I think this may actually be it. Ince all the muppets who support this unwanted white elephant start coming out of the woodwork saying ‘it must be built’ you know they’re in trouble.
    Scrapping the Toronto hub is a no brainier considering the multi billion pound COVID bill heading the government’s way.
    Good riddance.


  2. All false.
    HS2 will only encourage the migration of service sector jobs from Nottingham to London (as already seen with existing High Speed Rail systems around the world). Local businesses may occupy a business park at the sidings through churn, as they would anywhere. No “highly-skilled jobs”, no “innovation”.
    Nottingham-London inter-city trains will be halved, with the remaining trains slower & with less stops, making travel more difficult for commuters into Nottingham. Locals will favour classic rail services to avoid premium fares. The proposed “local transport links” are HS2-centric, rather than improving existing services.
    HS2 is not “green”. It’s low capacity, power hungry, and will destroy environments & communities. The electrification of existing classic rail is the environment-friendly approach, cancelled for HS2.
    Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station may host “renewable energy generation”, but that’s not dependent on HS2.
    While not mentioned above, HS2 will not provide useful capacity, nor address genuine capacity problems. Any required extra capacity can be supplied more cheaply & quickly through improvements to classic rail.
    Hope this clarifies.


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