Broxtowe Borough Council COVID Marshals work with COVID Information Officers

Media Release 17/11/20 – New COVID marshals Elizabeth and Mark, are joining COVID information officers Janice and Zahid as part of the Broxtowe Borough Council team recruited to step up support during the pandemic.

The Council has received an additional £47k from the Government to recruit these marshals, whose job it is to support people and local businesses in Broxtowe and ensure everyone continues to adhere to the COVID-19 rules.

The aim of the marshals is to boost local enforcement capacity and help slow the spread of coronavirus. The Marshals do not have enforcement powers but will be reminding people to follow the rules by wearing face coverings and socially distancing.

The COVID marshals will:

  • Walk through all areas in order to help reinforce the importance of adhering to COVID-19 regulations and provide information, guidance and reassurance,
  • Visit all areas of the Borough where businesses operate and identify where businesses are trading that they are trading safely and are not trading if they should be closed,
  • Support COVID information officers Janice and Zahid, by also visiting premises and delivering COVID compliance advice positively, documenting any findings and highlighting any concerns to the environmental health team
  • Answering queries from residents and businesses regarding COVID-19 regulations and giving advice where needed

Councillor Milan Radulovic Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said:

“The COVID Marshals are a great boost to our COVID officer team; guiding businesses and residents and making sure they are following the rules at all times. Our environmental health and licensing teams have been very busy, carrying out inspections, explaining the rules and encouraging businesses and individuals to follow the rules to the letter, so we can help stop the spread of this virus.”

“The next few weeks are really key to further support people who will want to visit shops and businesses providing essential goods and services, in a COVID-Secure way. The marshals will be working with our officers to create the safest environment possible, so our residents can still visit town centres for essential goods. I would like to urge everyone to continue following the rules, each and every day, as it all makes a difference”.

The Council can use enforcement officers, such as environmental health and licensing officers, to explain and encourage businesses and communities to follow guidelines. These officers also carry out inspections and can take enforcement action for non-compliance.

Action will be taken against any individuals or businesses found to not be following the rules. The 4 Es are the foundation of the COVID-19 community support team which is to Engage, Explain, Encourage then Enforce. At enforce stage, fines and penalties are a real option, for the sake of public health in Broxtowe and nationally.

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