£187,500 Successful Bid To Help With The Flooding Issues In Trowell

Councillors Richard MacRae and Don Pringle have been helping the residents in Trowell with their flooding issues around Boundary Brook and are now delighted to announce that a successful bid for £187,500 has been approved and this will mean much need help and support for the residents will now be able to take place.

Richard said, “I would like to thank both The Environment Agency and Councillor Don Pringle for all working together on this project.”

The Environment Agency (EA) have been successful in a bid for Local Levy funding from the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee.  

They have bid for £7,500 per property for a maximum of 25 properties to offer Property Flood Resilience (PFR) products.   

The next stage is to undertake appraisal work to support a business case which will go to independent assurance. 

The EA have identified eligible properties and will shortly be making contact with residents to invite them along to an online event and outline their proposal.



  1. Moorbridge lane , Stapleford . PFR ? , can you please look at this area , as this is in the first instance the area which is at very great need for such a Grant ! , I look forward to the information .


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