Bramcote Hills Golf Course Latest

The planning application for the retirement complex on Bramcote Hills Golf Course will be considered at a Planning Committee Meeting on 10 November 2020. Details of the application can be found at

The paper to be presented to the Planning Committee by the Planners can be found by clicking this link.


  1. Understand Broxtowe Borough Council are recommending Approval of the plans?

    If so unbelievable!! Remember when planning permission was granted by an Inspector on appeal
    It was clearly said building was ‘expected to be low rise‘. FOUR story flats as per the current planning application are certainly not low rise.
    Let us hope the Planning Committee rejects the plans when they come before Committee as indeed.they did originally when I was fully involved.


    1. Martin – The council needs to have sound planning reasons if it wants to reject the plans, not just that it was said by someone some time ago that the building was “expected to be low rise”. Four storeys is certainly not “high rise” (like Balloon Woods flats for example).
      The plans I have seen on the council’s website show a range of building heights and a variety of accommodation types to suit differing needs of the likely occupants. Personally I think that’s a good thing for our community especially for those who might be elderly-infirm and have special accommodation needs, and weighs heavily in favour of approving the plans.
      You, or at least councillors who are currently on the planning committee, will know that the council cannot just ignore an appeal inspector’s earlier decision but must have regard to it before reaching a decision.


  2. Rich, a Retirement Complex locally I’m quite sure would be very much welcomed and appreciated.

    However in making his judgement the Government Inspector clearly indicating he did not expect ‘high rise’ development took into account the rising geography of the site and the close proximity to neighbouring housing. Put simply the ground floor of the new build would come up to the eaves of the adjacent houses and the higher floors would look directly into the bedrooms on Wembley Gardens.

    Perhaps a quick trip to the site will convince you why the Committee should reject the proposals.


    1. Martin – I know the site quite well and its topography relative to the footpath which separates the site from the houses you mention. I agree “low rise” could be a more appropriate solution in view of the site’s slope but this is a question of balance. It is the council’s job to reach the right balance and be able to justify it if a rejection of the plans goes before an inspector again, that’s all.


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