Broxtowe Borough Council: October Waste and Recycling Bulletin

October Waste and Recycling Bulletin

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October 29th 2020

October Waste and Recycling

Service Updates For November

Bin Calendars 2020/21

Look out for the new 2020/21 bin calendars that will arriving at the start of November.

Garden Waste Service

Don’t forget if you have subscribed to the garden waste service, collections are once a month in November, December, January and February.  You can also take advantage of the seasonal price drop to add an additional bin.

If you haven’t subscribed to the service, you can take advantage of the seasonal price drop by subscribing here (opens in a new window).

Textiles collection suspended

The textiles kerbside service will not be reintroduced following its suspension. For further information on where you can recycle your textiles please visit (opens new window)

Please note: Textiles must not be put in your green-lidded recycle bin.

A Spooky But Green Halloween

Green Pumpkin

Like all seasonal events, there is always a risk of waste, whether it is food, single use plastic party items or old unwanted clothes.   We can make a difference through our choices and help towards reducing waste and achieving a positive impact on our environment!

Here are some tips on how we can help reduce waste and still have fun this Halloween.

  • From ghastly ghouls to superheroes, see what old materials you have in the home to form a Halloween costume! A great way to recycle old textiles. 
  • Make a spooky light by painting jam jars (Jars can be recycled in the glass bags and red-lidded bins)
  • Use old sweet and chocolate wrappers for making new crafts!

Don’t throw away all the goodies from inside your pumpkin. Toast the seeds for tasty treats or find various recipes online.  Or you could try making Pumpkin soup! Check out this Pumpkin and Bean soup by Veolia here (opens pdf window).

BOO! Bulky Waste Collections

Bulky waste collections are now available to book online. This service is for items which are too large to fit in your usual waste bin. Items such as furniture, mattresses, electrical items, fridge freezers (cleaned and empty), carpets, doors, radiators and homewares are all accepted. Please ensure you abide by Covid-19 measures in place for everyone’s safety.

Bulky Waste Guide

Free Bulky Waste Week Coming Soon!

Residents will be able to book a free bulky waste collection within the week window in December. The dates will be announced soon.

Please note, bookings will be limited and based on first come first served basis.  You will not be able to pre book for this promotion. Look out for the dates to be released for the free bulky waste week for December 2020.

Veolia Halloween Competition

Halloween Pumpkin

Test your recycling knowledge on what can be recycled in Broxtowe by completing this word search.  The deadline for the entries is Midnight on 1st November! Good Luck!

More Information

‘Scary’ Plastic Contamination

Takeaway Boxes

From a sample size of 361 tonnes of recycling in August 2020, the amount of contamination recorded was 15.8%. Just under half of this amount was plastic contamination, especially items such as plastic food trays and takeaway containers.

To help reduce the amount of waste produced if possible please reuse these items as storage containers.  If they cannot be reused then to reduce contamination put items that are not on the recycling list into the black-lidded bin.

Check your recycling sticker for what you can recycle or visit our A to Z website.

Visit Website

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  1. According to the garden collection schedule delivered to residents, there should be 2 collections in November, 13th and 27th – please clarify.


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