#Playyourpart…Stay 1m+ Apart

Message from NET:

As the weekend approaches, we want to remind customers about the importance of social distancing on our trams. We continue to do all we can to keep you safe and we ask that you #playyourpart too.

We can’t fit as many people on each tram as we normal would, so in order for everyone to be safe, we ask that you follow these steps;
o Wear a Face mask when travelling with us (unless you are exempt)
o Keep your distance from other passengers where possible and adhere to the seating layout on all trams
o If the arriving tram is full, please wait for the next one. We operate a frequent service, with trams from every 7 minutes
o Avoid the 10pm curfew. This is proving to be a particularly busy time for us. Our trams operate until just after midnight so we can get you home safely if you can wait a little longer. However, if you do need to travel during this time and you find the trams are full, the following alternatives will be available for our ticket holders;
o NCT Orange line 34 bus from Lace Market
o Bus alternative from Old Market Square

For all our latest Coronavirus safety advice, please visit https://thetram.net/coronavirus.aspx or follow our social media pages.

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