Darren Henry’s Update on 23rd October 2020

I hope you are keeping safe and well.

As I am sure you have all seen, the coronavirus rate in parts of Nottinghamshire including Broxtowe is worryingly high and we need to ensure we have enough beds free in our Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust so we can look after those in need. This is why it is imperative that we make every effort to control this terrible virus.


The above link is a postcode finder and shows the rate in your local area broken down into individual areas across Broxtowe.

I am in regular contact with health officials including: Public Health England, our local Councils plus Government departments. Nadine Dorries Minister for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety and I have also been speaking today.

Please continue to follow the Government’s guidance to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The latest guidance including information on the local alert levels can be found using the link below.


Support for Pubs:

Today, I have met virtually with pubs and small breweries in Broxtowe to discuss their concerns and what additional support they need. A variety of issues were raised ranging from the level of financial support available to concerns about table only service and the exclusion of small breweries from key support packages. I will be writing to the Chancellor and to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care outlining the challenges that Broxtowe pubs are facing and I am taking part in an adjournment debate on 9th November discussing the need to provide additional support to the independent and small brewing sector.

Government Support for Broxtowe

In these challenging times I have been lobbying for additional funding for Broxtowe Borough Council. £172,047 of new funding to Broxtowe Borough Council was announced on Thursday. Broxtowe has received a total of £2.06 million so far in Additional Covid-19 Funding from the Government. I am pleased that yesterday, the Chancellor announced additional grant funding to support the hospitality sector and I will continue to work with the Government to push for more funding to help Broxtowe residents and businesses.

In Parliament

This has been another busy week for me in Parliament and I am aware there has been a lot of interest in votes on Free School Meals. Eradicating child poverty is an absolute priority, and I firmly believe no child should grow up hungry in an environment that limits their potential. To read more about free school meals and the support on offer to struggling families please click on the link below to my website.

As I have said many times, funding for Broxtowe and the region is vital to my plan for the area and I welcome the Government’s continued commitment to deliver this. On Thursday, I asked the Transport Minister to reaffirm the Government’s commitment to delivering the eastern leg of HS2 to ensure vital investment and jobs to Broxtowe. You can see this question in this video.

PushBikeBroxtowe Cycle Forum

This summer has been great for the British cycling industry which has seen a large rise in the number of people around the UK cycling – especially in Broxtowe! In response to this, I invited the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to Broxtowe in July on the same day that he announced £2 billion in funding for walking and cycling. Following the Prime Minister’s visit I launched the #PushBikeBroxtowe cycle survey to further understand the needs of the local cycling community and ensure that any investment in cycling infrastructure in Broxtowe is cyclist-led, not simply guided by plans conjured up in an office, absent of user input. To read about my update on the first cycling forum held this Wednesday, you can click on the following link.


School Applications

Nottinghamshire County Council has contacted me to inform me that there are still 1800 Nottinghamshire families who have not applied for a secondary school place. Parents can add or change their preferences up until 31 October 2020. For more information about the application process, schools, the number of places available or how places are allocated, parents should visit the website at www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/admissions

or call 0300 500 80 80.

I understand that this is a difficult time for Broxtowe. Please be assured that I will continue to push for support for Broxtowe and do get in touch if you would like to raise your concerns.

Stay Safe


Mailing address:
168 Derby Road,


  1. Dear Darren.

    Thank you for trying to explain why you voted not to extend the free schools meals program for those that need it most.
    However, your explanation, possibly along with many in your constituency, doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’ with me.

    I am confused as to why your update does not mention anything specifically about the probability of Broxtowe being put into Tier 3. I’m delighted you are in contact with health officials (why would we expect anything less?) but to what extent are you involved with supporting the local authority and, critically, representing your constituents to ensure funding beyond the generic government response that has been found ‘wanting’ this week? The £172,047 you mention (for an area of 114,000+ population) doesn’t sound much to me.

    Not that I’m expecting a response ………… !


  2. Richard Willan – It is almost as if he thought that if he quietly mentioned other ways to access free food for those most in need, that we would not notice his voting record on this.


    1. A shame Anna Soubry is no longer our MP; I see little point he having an MP that just suports the government line whatever happens and we in Broxtowe deserve better. Also unclear whether Darren will be as good a constituency MP as our previous two; we shall see in next day or so whether he is battling to get more for Broxtowe as we enter Tier 3.


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