1. The ‘greed’ comment seems scurrilous – a developer has to make a profit otherwise nothing would happen, after all he/she is taking all the risk to provide a range of accommodation in a really challenging current market but which might help address a latent need/desire for an element of ‘sheltered’ accommodation for those who want it. Far better than leaving it as a neglected dog toilet where youngsters just set fire to rubbish.
      Wildlife corridors don’t actually have to be that wide to perform their function effectively, so I find your observation a tad harsh. We are not talking about encouraging wildebeest to stampede across the open veldt in this neighbourhood are we.
      You say the development is crammed in, but that’s not really true is it. It’s not like a Balloon Woods tower block; the development is of a type that hopefully will encourage a community spirit, much more so than a few typical 3/4-bed detached houses (like on Deddington Lane) would probably achieve.


      1. I have been photographing the birds of Bramcote‘s green corridor for seven years..now and have a considerable body of evidence that there has been a dramatic reduction in both bird species and numbers in that time. Why? I have no direct cause and effect to offer, but. – It is obvious is it not that reducing habit has a significant impact on how many birds in this case can be supported.


  1. So many of us have enjoyed ‘trespassing’ on this little bit of wild space still left to us. It would be such a shame to lose it to yet more housing. Why not insist second homes are either occupied or sold. So many are left empty most of the year.


    1. I so agree with both these comments. It’s a lovely bit of ‘wild’. My young great niece discovered it in the summer and was so excited to find it.

      Maybe we should start with looking at third homes first and ‘encouraging’ people to sell them. If that doesn’t free up enough, then go for second homes. Mind you there should also be incentives for people living in houses that are too big for them, to move to somewhere smaller. Currently, it’s a big ask, especially for us older folk!


  2. I am not a voting member of the Planning Committee so I am free to express my thoughts on this application.

    I am opposed to this application on the grounds of scale and also flooding issues.

    The detrimental effect on properties and their amenity to too great. The imposing large building is unacceptable.

    This area was badly flooded in June and I am convinced that the plans as they stand will make this situation worse.

    I will lobby members of the committee very hard over the next few weeks.


  3. Yes please do Steve. I was very badly flooded when I lived on Sandringham Drive and my house was inhabitable for six months. I certainly do not want the same to happen to me again or indeed to any of my neighbours.

    Why is this development even being contemplated? The green space in Bramcote is what makes the area so attractive. It’s awful to think of it being replaced by more concrete!


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