Statement from Councillor Kay Cutts MBE – Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council Media Release:

Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Cllr Kay Cutts MBE.

The Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has issued a statement announcing her retirement from politics. It follows the announcement on 10th October that she will not contest her Radcliffe-on-Trent seat at the next County Council Elections in 2021.

Councillor Kay Cutts MBE, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council:

“I am retiring from politics after 32 proud years serving my community and the people of Nottinghamshire. This decision has been solely mine is for entirely personal reasons. It is the right thing for me, the right thing for my family and the right thing for this council. I offer my best wishes to my successor.

“This is an ambitious council and I am honoured in the meantime, to have been selected by my group to continue to serve as its leader until the end of this administrative term. I will not be contesting my seat or stand for the position of leader after my term has ended. Until that time I will continue to lead this council to deliver against our promises to the people of Nottinghamshire as laid out in my group’s manifesto.

“My focus and that of my fellow members and officers is to continue to draw down investment to fulfil those commitments; to make sure families can access an excellent education for their children in good quality schools, to attract new jobs, to boost skills in young people and to continue with our programme of investment and works to improve our county’s highways. We are also committed to supporting those in our care who need us the most and to helping people with disabilities to get the support they need to lead independent lives.

“These are the things that truly matter to our communities and it is the reason they pay their taxes to this council. Of course, the immediate priority is to make sure that we support Nottinghamshire through the COVID-19 crisis, to walk the incredibly delicate line between support of our businesses and keeping our communities safe. All this needs to be achieved against a backdrop of a challenging financial position.

“As I look to the future, I maintain hope that our future generations can look forward to local government that is simpler, better value and more sustainable. This is more important than individuals or politics and would be quite simply, the right thing for the future of Nottinghamshire.”


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