Toton and Chetwynd Masterplan Consultation.

Forwarded by  Councillor Richard MacRae:  Ambitious plans for the future unveiled: green spaces, transport, jobs and housing – residents asked for their views.

Ambitious plans to create jobs, housing and transport links, connecting old and new communities on the borders of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire over the next 20 years will be unveiled this week.

Residents around Toton, Chilwell, Stapleford, Sandiacre and Long Eaton, as well as the surrounding areas are being asked for their views on plans for the area. The consultation will run from Monday 12th October until Sunday 22nd November.

Leaflets will be sent to over 80,000 residents over the next few weeks asking for their views.

People can view the plans and leave their views in a ‘virtual’ display room which go into detail about the different aspects of the plans

The scheduled closure of the historic Chetwynd Barracks in 2024 and the start of works at Toton East Midlands Hub has prompted planners to seek additional views ahead of a formal public consultation next year.

The initial plans include the development of cycle pathways, green spaces, new schools, healthcare facilities and modern communities which offer affordable and carbon neutral homes.

Councillor Kay Cutts, Chair of the Toton Delivery Board and HS2 Executive Board, said: “This is a once in a generation opportunity to create a bright future for decades to come. The region has really come together behind these bold and ambitious proposals for Toton and Chetwynd.

“A proposed new green village will create local jobs, new carbon neutral, affordable homes, and new community facilities including a new school. There will also be green spaces and more roads, paths and cycleways, including more traffic-free links to places for the family to enjoy such as the Attenborough Nature Reserve, Erewash Canal and the River Erewash.

“The Toton interchange is a catalyst for our wider infrastructure plans to make it much easier for people in all of our communities to move around and this matters to our towns and villages as much as our cities.

“These plans have the needs of the local community at heart of them. Our position as one of the best located counties in the UK means there is huge potential for job creation and skills development across our county and beyond. This is more vital than ever as we look to boost economic recovery in light of the pandemic.

“We really want everyone’s views about these plans which aim to improve the way future generations work, live and spend their leisure time in this area.”

Councillor Cutts added: “Proposals showcase new, clean and green models of development, with living, working and learning all overlapping. This will allow us to realise our ambitions to deliver a pioneering net zero carbon development.”

The proposals for Toton & Chetwynd also form part of an ambitious long-term vision for the future of the regional economy which is being developed under the banner of the proposed East Midlands Development Corporation.

The vision will see coordinated development around Toton & Chetwynd, Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and East Midlands Airport, with the aim of creating 84,000 jobs and adding £4.8bn to the value of the regional economy.

Speaking about the Toton & Chetwynd proposals, Councillor Milan Radulovic, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “The pandemic has made us all look at how resilient and connected the East Midlands is to the rest of the UK. We have a lot to offer this country and we think it’s about time our transport links and connections were evolved into something ready for the future.

“The jobs, the business opportunities and the economic boost this new link will offer, is an exciting prospect and something to look forward to in 2021 and beyond. Whether you are a business owner, resident or frequent visitor, we want to hear what you think about our Masterplan, so please take part in this virtual consultation and share your views.”

“This is not just about those areas directly affected by developments. Job creation and connectivity will have positive affects across the whole of Broxtowe stretching from Toton up to Kimberley and Eastwood, across Long Eaton, Sandiacre and beyond.”

Councillor Tim Hallam said: “The Masterplan to support the development of the Toton hub has initial benefits but also some very long-term value for our region too.

“Job opportunities aren’t limited to the construction phase, this new transport link opens up the East Midlands, so that businesses can extend and flourish.

“The Masterplan supports HS2 but keeps the needs of Broxtowe very much at the centre of what we want to do.

“We are putting forward plans which take what is good about now and make it great for future generations, but, we want to know what you think too, so, if you live or work in Broxtowe, please share your feedback before the deadline.”

Toton and Chetwynd Barracks is scheduled to close, opening the opportunity for major developments, whilst there are other major growth opportunities related to the three sites identified as priorities by the proposed Development Corporation.

Combined, the three areas are the size of three Olympic Parks and will involve:

• The development of a ‘green village’ at Toton and the Chetwynd Barracks site which will bring thousands of new homes and jobs, alongside the new HS2 Station

• An international centre for developing market-ready zero carbon technologies on the site of Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station

• Expansion of the freight and cargo facilities at East Midlands Airport – one of the UK’s biggest international trade gateways.

Due to COVID restrictions in place responses will be collected by an innovative ‘virtual exhibition’. This will allow people to view plans online as well as submit their views.

In normal circumstances public meetings would be held, but under current restrictions this is not possible or sensible. However the virtual exhibition will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week so people can drop in, view proposals and submit their comments.


  1. It’s good to see this… not least because tomorrow I am giving a lecture to a conference on brownfields in the Midlands – my talk is entitled “Brownfield Opportunities in the East Midlands: M1 Junction 25 is Getting Busy!”

    This is the summary: “Greater Nottingham needs space for new houses. Transport infrastructure is also an important consideration: it will be hosting the only new station on the entire HS2 network, and East Midlands Airport, the country’s second busiest freight airport and the nearly completed intermodal Maritime Transport rail freight terminal are both a short distance away – but not well-connected to the public transport system yet.
    This presentation will look at some of the spatial challenges of master planning whilst ensuring life does not come to a grinding halt, the Greater Nottingham strategic review that is now underway, and the opportunities for brownfield development within all of this.”

    The online consultation boils down to 9 one page PDFs and a short video – well worth looking at.

    What is interesting is that the roles of the two cities at either end of the Brian Clough Way are pushed into the background. It is almost as if a new urban centre is being parachuted in between Derby and Nottingham.

    It is important that the process of developing 4500 homes, changing road layouts, building a new high speed railway station – the route to the vision – does not bring about the chaos that Beeston endured during the tram construction and indeed that Junction 25 endured as first the motorway to the north and then to the south was widened for four lanes each way.

    The journey into the future needs to be well understood BEFORE we embark on it.

    M1 J25 really is getting busy!


    1. Other than the barracks, it’s all green belt. And none of it is needed for development for at least the next ten years.


      1. Sorry MikeH but none of the land covered in this consultation is now in the green bel. It was taken out of green belt status during the process in getting the Local Plan Part 2 adopted last year.


    2. Much of the area covered by the Masterplanning process is within the Area covered by the Chetwynd Toton & Chilwell Neighbourhood Plan which you can find at The Plan addresses many of the issues, including: the creation of new green corridors and increase biodiversity; to encourage developers to use Modern Methods of Construction; insisting on a new road layout before the construction starts to minimise the impact on the existing infrastructure; and to provide new schools; etc., etc.. The Plan was submitted to Broxtowe for adoption in June 2020 and we’re encouraging our members to respond to this Strategic Masterplan.  You may also wish to sign up to our regular digest newsletter via our website contact us page.


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