Broxtowe Council safe from abolition

Luke Hall MP, the Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government has confirmed that Conservative-led Nottinghamshire County Council’s bid to scrap councils like Ashfield, Broxtowe and Mansfield has FAILED.  In a ‘tweet’ – Mr Hall confirmed that Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset will be invited to ‘…submit locally-led proposals for how they want to restructure local government in their area to establish unitary local government.’  Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Cllr. Mrs Kay Cutts has confirmed she won’t seek re-election in May next year. She withdrew her candidacy at a selection meeting where she was being challenged by another councillor.

County Hall, West Bridgford

This will mean that those staff at Broxtowe Council who have been working their socks off during the pandemic, will have the threat of redundancy lifted.

Bramcote & Beeston North County Councillor Steve Carr commented,  “At a time when Nottinghamshire County Council should be concentrating on putting people first – they have shown an disregard for local people.  By pursuing an ideological power grab at the expense of helping residents – the conservatives have shown breath-taking arrogance. Cllr Cutts has paid the price for this idiotic policy and Conservative County Councillors in Broxtowe will be worrying about their positions given their slavish acceptance of a very unpopular policy.”



  1. It should be Nottinghamshire County Council that is scrapped and divide its responsibilities and money among all the Borough Councils.


  2. What this means in practice to me as local council tax payer, is that I can no longer expect to see financial savings being made available from the economies of scale that introducing a unitary authority would bring. By that I mean management and administrative based savings that could have secured the continued funding for key front line council services. In due course I’m sure we will see the true cost of this short sighted ideological opposition as our front line services falter. Of course this doesn’t preclude the opposition, the Lib Dems for instance, of already presiding over 6 english and 1 scottish unitary authorities in a leadership role. Principles seem to go out of the window when there are ‘seats’ to be clung to.


    1. If you seriously think that you, or I, would see any reduction in council tax because of economies of scale then you are wrong. This was nothing to do with streamlining and reduction in costs, it was purely an attempt to keep power in the hands of the current conservative majority of councillors. Two years ago the question was asked then, only to be met with a massive rejection. Why else do you think that Mrs Cutts is retiring?


  3. FAKE.NEWS ??

    The Government has announced 3 Areas, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset are to be invited to submit proposals for re structuring local Government to establish Unitary local Government.

    Would be good if the tweet from the Minister suggesting Nottinghamshire’s bid had ‘FAILED’ could be published to substantiate the claim.

    From the announcement it appears to me that local government reform is coming and engagement to ensure the best possible deal for the folk of Nottinghamshire should be the objective.


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