The buck stops with the owner when it comes to fridge freezers

Fly tipping is a very real problem and we all pay for other people’s mess through our community charge. Earlier this year I published Fly-tipping: Know the facts.

Whilst it can be useful to dispose of many white goods (e.g. microwave or tumble dryer) by leaving them at the border of your property for the scrap metal people to take, they are far less likely to take fridges and freezers for their metal value because of the legislation for safe disposal as many of the substances contained in fridges are very harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. Click to read how you can safely dispose of fridges responsibly and legally. Many Bramcote residents don’t seem to be aware of these rules because I often pass, on my walks in the area, old fridges waiting and waiting for a free removal that won’t happen.

But if they do take them and dispose of them illegally, you, as the registered owner, remain liable. Read my article above!

Currently there are two old appliances dumped at the bottom of Valmont Road. It looks as if their doors have been removed for their metal value. I have reported this to Broxtowe Borough Council and if anyone has any information abut the perpetrators they should contact the Beeston police.


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