Long awaited Crossing works have commenced

Last month we reported that the controversial pedestrian crossing on Hickings lane would soon be installed. As you will see from the phots all that appears to remain is the zebra element of the crossing.



  1. It’s all well and good the crossing has finally been put in place, which is excellent for all wanting to cross over the road safe to get to and from the local shops. But my main concern is what is going to be done with the idiots that park on the road directly outside the shops on both sides of the road. I am both disabled and a driver, when walking past the shops, a lot of drivers park their vehicles part on and off the curb making it sometimes difficult to get past.
    Not only that but lorries, cars and vans park sometimes right up to the junction which as a driver wanting to pass when heading towards the mini island is dangerous as it is a blind corner that you are unable to see until you reach the junction what is coming around the corner, drivers are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road to get past all of the parked vehicles which will eventually end in a serious accident.
    With vehicles parking on either side, if someone is wanting to cross they may not be seen until last minute which again is an accident waiting to happen.
    There is most times plenty of parking in the car parks next to and behind the shops but people find it necessary to park on the road causing an obstruction.

    Is there any plans in place to make it a double yellow lined area to prevent any possible such accidents from happening.


  2. Ian is absolutely right! I witnessed such a situation exactly as he describes yesterday morning. Two cars parked part on the pavements on either side of the road between the crossing and the mini island Cars dangerously zig zagging in between.

    Would suggest in the first place to ask Borough Councillors to seek police help to view the area/monitor/and their suggested action and report back for further discussions by residents at the next Stapleford CAT meeting
    Perhaps too the Shops too can be encouraged to seek the help of shoppers to desist from such dangerous parking
    With a police report supported by residents experiences and BBC Councillors support a petition to the Highways Authority for consideration of double yellow lines might be in order to ensure any serious accidents are avoided near this busy junction.
    As a non Stapleford resident but regular Hickings Lane user I look forward to a quick resolution to this serious and important issue.


  3. I fully agree that double yellow lines are needed along the road in front of the shops.

    Several years ago now when I requested the double yellow lines which are on the road now I also requested they go right up to Ilkeston Road, sadly this didn’t happen.

    Again I requested this as part to the works for the crossing, again this was ignored.

    It is very difficult to get things done relating to Highways when in the past 4 years I have not had one single reply to any emails off the present County Councillors regarding any issues I have raised with them.


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