Positive Development as Moss Drive Footpath Order is Served.

Rob Greer for and on behalf of Bramcote Conservation Society writes: At long last the County Council have now served the draft footpath Order confirming that the MOSS DRIVE footpath route in Bramcote village should be added to the formal list of Nottinghamshire public footpaths.

This is the latest stage in the battle to re-open the route closed off by new land owners in 2015. The Bramcote Conservation Society led the way to encourage local residents to object to the unauthorised closure.

The owners have twice sought to develop land in that area for residential development and have twice been refused permission. The footpath re-opening has even been offered as a “carrot” by the owners to encourage the Conservation Society to support their development.

After successful lobbying and with the help of our local Councillors at the time Stan Heptinstall, Martin Plackett and more recently County Councillor Steve Carr, the County Council agreed to take on the case. It has taken nearly 4 years to reach the stage where the County have resolved that evidence of previous use over many years (up to 50 years in some cases) means that the route has now been “formally designated as a public footpath”.

However, this is NOT the end of the matter. The proposed footpath Order was made public on Friday 2nd October and is open to formal representations until Monday 16th November 2020.   If there are NO objections then the footpath would and could be re-opened within a number of weeks. If objections are received then this would lead to a formal public inquiry in due course.

The support of local residents who recall any use of this footpath over previous years will help secure this with evidence, if the landowners are mean-spirited enough now to object. We hope for the sake of the local community they won’t do that.

Perhaps in these unprecedented times, some goodwill and community spirit from the present owners is what is now required and what we all deserve with everything we have been through during the lockdown.

The draft footpath order can be found at https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/walking-cycling-and-rights-of-way/rights-of-way/news/ncc-beeston-footpath-no133-modification-order


  1. Good news. Thanks to Rob and the Conservation Society along with the County Council Footpath Team for their dogged efforts over so many years.
    It was my pleasure to play a small part in the campaign to see the path reopened.

    Sorry that friend Derek Reed and Bramcote School pupil who walked his dog regularly along the footpath before it was ‘closed off’ by the new land owners is no longer with us to hear this news

    Trust the Landowners as Rob says will not object to this ruling so allowing direct access to Bluebell Woods and beyond to Bramcote residents in the future as well as folk like me who began using this path as a youngster 70 years ago.


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