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What’s happening in our parks and open spaces – October 2020

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Grass keeps growing, hay meadows and terrific trees

Swiney Way Open Space, Chilwell

Swiney Way work in progress

The latest of this year’s Pride in Parks play area improvement schemes is now nearing completion.  It has seen very outdated equipment at this open space, replaced with modern play facilities on a rubber surface.  The area is specially designed for younger children.

During the design process a request was received for a surfaced path through the open space to connect both access gates.  Working with the local contractor undertaking the project the scheme was able to be modified to include a path which allows access to the site throughout the year.

The scheme costing £42,000 is funded from the Council’s Capital Programme.

Facilities for older children are available at Sherman Drive play area.  This site was refurbished last year and is a short walk from the Swiney Way site.

The seasons are a changing…

Grass Cutting

Whilst the days are getting shorter, if the weather remains warm, the grass will continue to grow.  The Council’s Grounds Maintenance team will be cutting grass throughout October and even into November on some sites.

Whilst the cricket squares and bowling greens have only seen limited use this summer due to COVID-19 restrictions, they still need the annual autumn scarification, weed and moss control and over seeding to make sure they are ready for next spring.

Free Trees for You

Japanese Cherry Tree

Following the success of last year’s fruit tree giveaway event, this year we will be following it up by giving away 500 free ornamental trees.  These trees, suitable for domestic gardens, will be available to Broxtowe residents. Keep a look out for how to apply very soon.

The trees on offer will be flowering cherry, a silver birch cultivar (with a real wow factor with its snowy white bark) and a double white flowering hawthorn. Watch this space for more details.

Hall Om Wong changes

Hall Om Wong Video

Some exciting improvements have been made at Hall Om Wong Open Space this year. New equipment, new surfaced footpaths, walkways and a wildflower meadow are just a few of the changes that have been made.

To find out more about this great project, watch the video above and see young resident, Benjamin, who is one year old, enjoying the new playground.

The importance of hay meadows

Hay Meadows

At Colliers Wood and Brinsley Headstocks Local Nature Reserves, a significant proportion of the grassland is now being managed as hay meadow to benefit biodiversity. Path edges are cut regularly and grass tracks mown through the meadows to allow people to enjoy them and there is still mown areas of grass to kick a ball, let the dogs run or have a picnic.

From late summer to early autumn, the hay meadows are cut and the grass collected into rows ready for baling. This year the hay has been baled and has been left on site in selected locations to compost naturally. The bales have been carefully placed and located securely along the boundaries of the sites.

As the hay slowly decomposes bacterial activity gives off a small amount of heat. Reptiles are able to take advantage of this warmth when choosing a site for egg laying. What a great habitat!

Through the autumn and early winter, the Friends groups will be introducing seed of once common native wild flowers into the meadows, further enhancing biodiversity.

An ongoing record of the species found at the sites is made and as time passes there should be an increase in the variety and number of wild plants and animals, helping protect the meadows for future generations. Already wild orchids have been recorded at both sites and butterfly numbers have increased.

Broxtowe from the Sky

From the Sky

Last month we showed you a picture of Hall Park, Eastwood and the football pitches. This month it is a popular play area for younger children that was refurbished a couple of years ago. Clue. It is in a very central location.

Clean Air and Good Mental Health

Clean Air Day 2020

Thursday 8th October is Clean Air Day and Saturday 10th October is World Mental Health Day.

Why not take time this month to visit your local park or open space and breathe in some good, fresh air. A recent analysis by Friends of the Earth found that no sites in Broxtowe had an average level of nitrogen dioxide exceeding 40mg per cubic metre of air, meaning we have some of the freshest air here!

Parks and open spaces are also great places to visit to get some peace and quiet, practice mindfulness or do some wildlife spotting. These things can help give our minds a break and help us appreciate the natural joys that make Broxtowe special.

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