What’s Going to Happen to Bramcote Leisure Centre?

At Thursday’s (1 October 2020) Policy and Performance Committee Meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council, the Leisure Facilities Strategy of the Council will be discussed. Click on 9.1Appendix 1 Broxtowe Leisure Centres Strategy Full Report September 2020 Continuum  to read the document to be presented to the meeting.

Its a lengthy document but concludes that Bramcote Leisure Centre is a the end of its life and must be replaced. The good news is that Bramcote is the only site available at the moment for a leisure centre in the south of the Borough.

However there is a rub. The consultants say the development of housing on the old school site (Bramcote School) should be explored as a source of funding.


  1. Sounds familiar! I imagine the plan will involve quickly closing/knocking down the existing leisure centre, putting the proposed land up for sale for housing, then making us do our classes in temporary portacabins, indefinitely, for the next 5-10 years… (half joking)

    Its rather depressing that local community developments (schools, leisure centres, community parks etc) have to be financed by selling land for housing, but I guess that reflects where we are at the moment – low taxation, public funds cut and increased influence of private sector/finances.

    On the positive side, at least it sounds like we may be able to keep a leisure centre in Bramcote…


  2. Having scan read the report and listened to the Policy and Performance meeting this evening the prospects of a brand new Leisure Centre in Bramcote broadly on the current car Park site appear to look promising.

    The suggestion in the report however to facilitate financing the new build by housing development on the old Bramcote Park School site is far from ‘a done deal’ as the building/land is leased by the WHF of Schools from the County Council NOT the Borough Council. In addition the Broxtowe Part 2 Plan clearly states the site is earmarked for future development for either Leisure or Educational purposes and NOT Housing development.

    Look forward to the all Party working Group’s appraisal and recommendations as to the viability and potential financial sourcing to ensure the retention of our much used and loved Centre. Quite sure Car Parking facilities without encroaching into Greenbelt and raising revenue by future sale of the current Centre site will exercise their minds with appropriate solutions.

    Wish them well and look forward to an update in the not too distant future.


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