Urgent Jobs this Week for our MP, Darren Henry

The last post is an exhortation from Nottinghamshire County Council to get a flu jab if you are eligible. However that’s easier said than done.

This is what a local doctor’s website says about its flu clinics:

We are currently setting up the flu clinics. This year our vaccine will be delivered, in batches, between mid-September and the end of October.

Due to increased demand this year the clinics that we had set up have already been filled. Due to Covid-19 our suppliers have delayed our delivery dates and our next batch is now not due until the second week in October with a 3rd delivery at the end of the October. We are looking to organise further clinics for mid-October and hope you will bear with us through this difficult time.

You can also get a flu jab through a pharmacy but Boots, Lloyds and others have suspended further appointments (Flu jabs running short on high Street – The Times 30 September).

Reputedly there are sufficient supplies but their slow release is not matching demand. This needs resolving.

Going forward we all hope a vaccine for Coronavirus will be available during next year. Managing the vaccination programme well is important. Distribution and appointments need careful planning. We need confidence that this will be done.

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