Proposed Demolition of Farm/Fishpond Cottage

We are being told that failure to build affordable homes in the past is the reason behind the Ilkeston Road development. Is this failure sufficient reason to demolish a heritage asset and disrupt the lives of some of Bramcote’s most vulnerable residents? Is this really progress?

I understand the Council may have little influence over land owners and developers regarding what will be built once planning permission is granted. That should not be a problem with the Council owned land behind Bramcote Crematorium (see 2.4 on the attached Housing Committee Report). The question is will the Council’s land only support 35 new rental homes (affordable or social housing?) or is there enough land to provide considerably more? With public land also becoming available east of Coventry Lane I assume there will be plenty of affordable housing being built in our area.

So alternatives to Ilkeston Road development do exist. The Council have already told us that development costs are lower for larger sites!

Click to read  my original post and the Housing Committee report for September 2020 – Housing Delivery Plan update 19.8.20.

Consultation has now been extended to Friday 25th September if you wish to comment.

Michael Lyons



  1. Another awful decision!! The destruction of yet another heritage architecture of the community of Bramcote.!!!!!!


  2. On behalf of Hannah Land, Ian Tyler and myself, may I thank everyone who has responded to the consultation. We all agree that the proposals being consulted on are completely wrong. We do not support them and will strongly argue against them at the council.


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