Have Your Say on the Future of Local Council Services for Nottinghamshire

Have your say on the future of local council services for Nottinghamshire

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Your Future Your Nottinghamshire

Have your say on how local council services are delivered in the future.

At Nottinghamshire County Council we believe the time is now right for us to change local government in Nottinghamshire for the better. We believe that the current structure of eight separate councils is both wasteful and confusing and that a system of unitary local government for our county will make your public services better, simpler to access and would save taxpayers money.

Following agreement at Policy Committee the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has now written a letter to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government seeking a formal invitation to submit proposals.

To ensure our proposals are right we want to know what you think about the future of local council services in Nottinghamshire, and how you feel they could best serve you, your family, your community and your county for the future.

To have your say simply follow the link below to our dedicated website where you can read an information document  before clicking on the button to complete the short survey.  The survey closes on Monday 19 October 2020.

Have your say



  1. It’s a crying shame that the County have the time and inclination to spend time and money on this during a pandemic.
    And the refurbishing of the school hasn’t happened.


  2. It’s a shame that it’s taking so long to introduce a unitary authority here ! There are clear savings to be achieved, that could be made available for spend on vital front line services, by doing away with the current two tier structures and resulting duplication of services, infrastructure and staff across 8 separate councils. To detractors, there are already 55 unitary authorities in England. In the remaining parts of the UK, all of the Welsh ( 22), Scottish (32) and Northern Irish (11) authorities are ‘unitary’. It seems to work perfectly well for them.


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