Pedestrian Crossing Soon To Be Installed

At long last the Pedestrian Crossing which I originally requested to be installed as part of the Carpenters Court development is to soon be installed on Hickings Lane. 

I hope the residents who preferred it to be at the soon to be installed location will make great us of it to continue to support the local businesses in the vicinity.  

Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427




  1. Both myself and the majority of the folk at Carpenter Court are quite bemused by Cllr. MacRaes claims with regard to the installation of the Pedestrian Crossing on Hickings Lane..
    This was in fact part of an agreement with Macarthy and Stone and Broxtowe Borough Council. It has turned out to be a long and tedious wait for said crossing compounded by the objections of a certain Councillor who was not happy with it’s location.
    It is now ready to go and I congratulate the folk at Carpenter Court for their patience and perseverance. They are the people who are deserving of credit without them there would be no crossing..


    1. They are the people who are deserving of credit without them there would be no crossing..

      Really, so did the residents of Carpenters Court request a Pedestrian Crossing as part of the section 106 agreement with the Council before the court had been built and before they had moved in to the court. Please do explain how this was actually possible. Especially as the court was not built and no one was living there.


  2. The residents of Carpenter Court will make very good use of the crossing being installed in a location which benefits them, especially as they indirectly paid for it. It’s just a shame that the councillor delayed its construction for more than three and a half years In trying to get it sited in his preferred location.


  3. The delays were not caused by myself and you trying to say that do make me laugh but are to be expected. There was sadly many reasons for the delays but not my doing at all.
    I asked for the crossing as part of the section 106 agreement before the application went to the first planning Committee meeting.

    The location of the crossing I requested was after speaking to many local residents who was already living in the area. At the time Councillor Goold even agreed with the location. You even told a local resident via email that you agreed too.

    The crossing was supposed to be installed prior to the 1st person moving into the housing complex. Again this didn’t happen and again not my doing.

    There was a meeting or more with residents once they had moved in and I was denied the opportunity to attend despite the fact it is the ward I am elected to represent. So I was never allowed to listen to and talk to the residents.

    However I am fully aware of what Councilor Jan Goold told the residents about me and continues to tell people, which I find very sad. I know exactly what you have said about me as I know many residents in there who have told both my wife and myself.

    Not sure why you are bemused about me letting people know the crossing is being installed, I always share local highways alerts with people as they find them most helpful when planning going out for a drive. It is not like the two County Councillors let people know, they don’t even reply to emails many of us Stapleford Councillors send them, infant that many residents send them too.

    Again the delays had absolutely nothing to do with me, let’s remember it was the Conservative administration in charge at Broxtowe Borough Council whilst it was originally requested and caused all the delays.

    At the end of the day it is being installed very soon, yes lot later than it should of been and as mentioned above the residents will make very good use of it.


  4. Cllr Goold and J Wildgoose. Your comments are inaccurate.

    1. The developer paid for the crossing as part of the Planning application approval. The residents of Carpenter Court have to contributed neither directly nor indirectly.
    2. The crossing has not been delayed by Cllr MacRae but the previous (Conservative) administration in which Cllr Goold was Chair of Community Safety. It was in fact Cllrs MacRae and Hallam who got them to take action.

    The whole situation would have been handled much better if Stapleford had 2 County Councillors who did just even 10% of the work that Richard MacRae does for his area.


  5. Cllr Goold yet again you are having ago at my husband which you seem to like doing,always bad mouthing him for something he’s got done and for you to try to take credit for something your getting good at
    I remember having gone to a town council meeting about this crossing were i had to sit and listen to the people of carpenters court talking about my husband which i shouldnt have had to hear and you whispering about him until i stood up and told everyone i was infact mr macRaes wife,infact at that meeting as soon as we walked in you stood up and said these are all my friends,infact a lady tld me that cllr Goold had been in carpenters court telling them that cllr macRae doesnt work and that he is idol to which is not the case i only wish you did more for the community in which you were elected to serve instead of the bad mouthing you do of myself and my husband its such a shame you have turned on us after we spent many a happy time at your house but we shall continue the hard work we do


  6. How defamatory that Jan Goold is blaming Councillor MacRae when it was in fact her own political party’s incompetence (namely the two conservative County Councillors) failure to act and communicate that led to the delay.
    It must be reiterated again, the decision to have a crossing and its subsequent fee were paid in advance of building Carpenter Court. The residents or Jan Goold had no influence what so ever in the decision to install a crossing and the fee was paid to the council long before the first brick was laid in building the development. These facts can be easily seen in Freedom of Information requests.
    Let’s remember the original site for the crossing was towards Ewe Lamb Lane to benefit all of the community not just the few residents of Carpenter Court. With Jan Goold agreeing that was the best location. However, Carpenter Court residents decided to appeal against the original location, and Jan Goold saw this as a political point score as a local election was taking place at around the same time, and thus changed her previous decision on locality of the crossing. So there we have it, delays caused by the residents and Jan Goold whom now take it upon themselves to slight the good name of Councillor MacRae. ( the councillor whose original idea to get the crossing installed , when the plans to build accommodation were in the pipeline).
    Finally I truly hope that no-one is injured whilst in the course of using this crossing at such a perilous location situated adjacent to many business and car park entrances/exits. I unfortunately think that it is an accident waiting to happen siting it in this location , I hope the residents of Carpenter Court make any delivery drivers aware of the crossing when ordering items as I have witnessed many drivers delivering items to Carpenter Court and parking where the white zig-zag hazard lines will be placed., this would be hugely dangerous and obstruct a drivers view of the pedestrians on the crossing.


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