Jobs for Darren W/C 21 September 2020

  1. Make sure COVID-19 Tests are available for all Broxtowe residents as required.
  2. Press Boris to introduce 30 minute tests as in Italy. They are accurate enough to control the virus. Polio wasn’t defeated by a vaccine that was 100% effective. PHE are too obsessed with 100% accuracy.
  3. For Bramcote: Secure funding for a replacement school for White Hills Park Trust. Work with local Councillors to ensure a new a new leisure centre is built in Bramcote.

Send in your requests. Calls for resignation are not appropriate at this time.


  1. All due to covid – 19

    Funding for schools which have lost a lot of money due to lost income whilst on lockdown.

    Funding for schools that have had to spend some of their budget on more PPE and cleaning products.

    Funding for schools to help with covering a teacher maternity cover from 28weeks.


  2. Wake up to the reality of today’s world. Make some plans to build a fair society based on reality. But please come down from cloud cuckoo land you are leading us into chaos.


  3. In Broxtowe we have two good constituency MPs in Nick Palmer and Anna Soubry, who were also prone to speak their minds; in case of Anna , sadly this upset Boris Johnson who clearly likes no dissent so she was effectively sacked as an MP.

    Quite sad that due to Brexit, we have ended up with a nodding donkey, non-entity for another four years. Labour need to get a moderate, local candidate in quickly to turn up the heat on Darren.

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