Nottingham Historic Churches “Ride and Stride”

Stan Heptinstall writes: Along with many others, I joined today’s Nottingham Historic Churches “Ride and Stride” to try to raise funds for the Nottingham Historic Churches Charity. This charity has helped us out at St Michael’s Bramcote in the past when we have needed help with expensive projects, and we are likely to need their help again io the future, so it is important that they are able to continue to raise much needed funds.

My own contribution was a 12 mile stride that took involved me visiting a number of locations in the south of Broxtowe. The programme. Was as follows:

St Michael’s, Bramcote; St Barnabas. Inham Nook; Christchurch, Chilwell; Beeston Methodist Church; St John’s, Beeston, Beeston Catholic Church; Beeston Cemetery Chapel; Bramcote Old Church Tower; St Michael’s, Bramcote (again); Grangewood Methodist Church, Wollaton; St Leonard’s, Wollaton. You can see the route (and also some pictures) on Strava if you click on

If you would like to make a donation to the charity, please click on the following link:

I haven’t set up my own Just Giving page and am piggy-backing on that set up by Robert Cleave, a church friend who also took part in the Ride and Stride today. In his case, it was a “ride” rather than a “stride”, and, of course, he is also raising funds for the same purpose.

Thank you so much if you choose to help in this way.


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