Nottinghamshire Unitary Council Proposals

You may be interested in the following publications explaining these proposals, giving opinions from both sides.

United opposition’ to county’s ‘Super Council’ plan

Proposals for ‘super council’ for Nottinghamshire to be revisited next week

FAQs: All you need to know about Nottinghamshire’s Unitary Council proposals

This is another subject that was discussed at this week’s CAT meeting. Councillor Steve Carr explained that each of the county’s districts and boroughs had voted against these proposals; so too had the Leader of Nottingham City Council.

Speaking personally, I believe that Bramcote enjoys a strong relationship with our Broxtowe Borough Councillors.

I am also sharing a video that Kashmir Purewal has asked us to share of Cllr Richard Jackson discussing local government re-organisation.



  1. The Broxtowe Borough Councillors who don’t want Broxtowe Borough Council, why don’t they all step down and let others do the job who actually like to help people?

    They are happy enough taking the allowance they get each month.


  2. This isn’t about the current councillors. This is about the long term best way to run local services.

    You have to step away from what you think of current councillors and think what’s best long term.

    From what I understand, it will be difficult to apply for extra funding from the government without having a unitary council.

    I lived in the city and liked having a unitary council. I didn’t have to think about which council dealt with what, and had access to lots of gyms.

    I think there are lots of pros and cons to a unitary but I don’t believe liking or disliking current councillors is one.


    1. Definitely not all the current Councillors. Just some of them.
      Sadly the two who are supposed to represent Stapleford don’t represent Stapleford.
      But then some of the Borough Councillors are just as bad i guess, especially making people believe they have donated funding to a local organisation when they have not donated a single penny, but that is another story.


  3. If he has any conscience he should immediately resign from his position on the borough council as he so earnestly seeks its demise. Same applies to any other borough councillor who supports the county’s proposal.


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