County Council to Consider Unitary Status for Local Government in Nottinghamshire

Nottinnghamshire County Council Media Release: Nottinghamshire County Council will next week examine proposals to revisit the issue of local government re-organisation in the County.

Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Cllr Kay Cutts MBE.

The Council’s Policy Committee will be asked to agree to write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government seeking an invitation from him for all principal local authorities in Nottinghamshire to submit proposals for the establishment of a unitary structure. The report and proposed letter can be accessed at

This move comes in the light of the developing Government policy on regional devolution to be outlined in the White Paper “Devolution and Local Recovery”, due to be published later this Autumn.

The White Paper is expected to require the establishment of unitary local government as a necessary pre-requisite for the establishment of Combined Authorities, which themselves will be a key means of unlocking and accessing future strategic investment in Nottinghamshire.

The report to be considered by members also outlines the financial and resilience challenges facing local government as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term impact on public finances, and identifies that the development of unitary local government in Nottinghamshire offers a more financially efficient means of preserving and delivering effective public services and securing a sustainable recovery from COVID-19.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Mrs Kay Cutts MBE, said: “I believe that unitary local government for our great County will deliver better services that everyone will be able to access more easily; better value for money for every Council Tax payer, and more prosperity for all. Government policy is certainly moving in that direction and recognises that to aid our recovery from the COVID pandemic, structural reform to unlock investment is vital.

“The current system of local government in Nottinghamshire is out-dated, cumbersome, wasteful and costly. We have a unique opportunity now to build a new way of delivering modern, integrated public services that works for every resident.”

More detailed information is available from and via the MyNotts App.


  1. Absolutely disgusting and nothing more than a power move.

    Could you imagine the state we would be in if we only had our two County Councillors to represent Stapleford. They don’t reply to emails or attend meetings that many of us have sent and organised over the years.

    I have recently sent two petitions and not even had the decency of a response neither.

    It is a disgrace.


  2. Tired old Tories, grasping at straws to maintain their hold on power. Out of touch with reality, no initiatives to present, wanting to seize the assets of Borough Councils to prop up their failed ambitions.
    What a shower of incompetents.
    Nottinghamshire is an historical entity, overtaken by the reality of our modern times.
    An autocratic body,, enshrined within the 19th century lesee majeste, “we know best” philosophy.
    Local Councils are in touch with their Communities, OK , big May be better financially but loses contact with us.
    This is a short term strategy to kid us they have the answers. They’re financially bust and don’t have a clue how to progress other than seeking a short term life belt.


  3. Perhaps this cohort of county councillors could agree that they are only in power on borrowed time and should not make any decisions that will have such far reaching and long term consequences on residents until their positions have been legitimised by an overdue (and understandably delayed) election?

    Such an initiative is unseemly as it is being put forward at a time when local democracy has been suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If any party – or indeed all parties – see the establishment of a unitary structure as a good way forward then by all means say so in your manifestos for next May’s county council elections and let the (council tax paying) public have our say.


  4. We have to wake up and smell the coffee. Local Government reorganisation is coming.

    Nottinghamshire County Council is set to lose over 20 million pounds next year and without restructuring and reorganisation is set to become unviable to the detriment of those they are serving.
    The County Council are to seek views on proposed plans for a single tier Unitary Authority and given that opportunity we should respond constructively. To those immediate detractors to the proposals may I suggest they devote their efforts to offering alternatives. The status quo is not an alternative.
    The plans suggest a saving of 27 million pounds per annum by incorporating the District and Borough Councils with their duplicated administrations into a single Authority. Where best that monies saved could/would be spent on providing better and essential services for residents is a question we should be asking
    Local representation is of paramount importance and as has been the case in other areas embracing a Unitary Authority new Parish and Town Councils have been installed allowing greater connection between Councillors and residents. Will we see a Bramcote Parish Council in the near future?

    May we enter the consultation with open minds seeking to ensure any final plans are in the best interests of all the residents of our great County.


    1. Martin. This is a problem created by your party by stopping funding to councils. Now you want to destroy local government. Shameful but unsurprising from a party who has a liar and cheat as its leader.


    2. Martin Plackett – one of the options worth considering must be the abolition of the county council tier?
      You say it duplicates the district tier, so get rid of the county and devolve any essential functions to the districts. You say the county council will become financially unviable, so get rid of it. The county council could – like the borough council – simply cut its coat according to its financial cloth and make efficiency savings, get rid of the non-jobs, etc. If I remember correctly, one of the first tasks Ms Cutts undertook when ascending her throne a few years back was to redecorate and recarpet her new office in county hall? Not guaranteed to be a popular use of taxpayers’ money.
      Cutts and Jackson (and others) get paid for being district councillors and for being county councillors – cut one income/expenses stream and there’s some duplication removed at a stroke.
      Has the county council suggested its own abolition as a potential option?


  5. Martin – as long as it is ethically traded coffee then I am with you all the way.

    Cllr Cutts asks one questions: Do we support the idea of Notts CC becoming THE unitary authority for the whole county, City excepted. It is perfectly valid, sensible and reasonable to answer that with a resounding NO.

    I went into the reasons for this back in August when the issue last reared its head on this website. Notts is TOO BIG to be a Unitary Authority and Broxtowe on the small side to take on that role. I did suggest a merged Erewash and Broxtowe would be big enough but not too big – and would help make optimum use of the opportunities HS2 will bring to the area between the cities of Derby and Nottingham.

    I will address you BPC idea in a separate post as it is something I have given some thought to both recently and a few years ago.

    My MAIN concern though is that the present county councillors have no mandate to make far reaching changes. They are only still in place because of the postponed elections. It should be the new council -of whatever party political hue we decide to lend power to – to take this forward.



  6. So the unsavoury proposals of Cutts and Jackson have emerged again having gone to sleep for several months: after resounding unpopularity they now think it’s time to raise the county-takeover flag again. It beggars belief that Richard Jackson (dep leader of NCC, leader of Broxtowe Tory party and former leader of Broxtowe council) again promotes the demise of his own local council. I suggest that (most) county councillors are too remote from their constituents to avoid detachment from local issues or to be really accountable to their residents and businesses.

    I have far more confidence in our borough councillors to listen to us, even if I might nor agree with them all of the time. I suggest the Cutts/Jackson plan is more about clinging on to their more powerful county roles and less about what is best for districts and their constituents.

    This may just be Cutts & Jackson searching for a swansong whilst trying to avoid the death throes of the lumbering bureaucracy that is the county council. Wasn’t this government supposedly promoting “Localism” ?


  7. Good, if the comments are anything to go by the overwhelming answer is ‘NO’. Perhaps the idea floated of a Parish Council for Bramcote (and possibly other areas such as Chilwell and Attenborough) is worth considering as these would I guess not cost a great deal and folk would probably find that some little local issues such as those highlighted by Stapleford Parish Council would be put forward to the right quarter.


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