Breaking International law

Paul Nathanail writes: I have today written to our MP asking him to disassociate himself from any attempt that would break international law, even in a limited way, and to vote against any such measure introduced to Parliament.

This is not the way the UK should behave. This is not the example we should be setting the rest of the world or even our fellow citizens and especially our children.

Perhaps if enough of us write along similar lines, we might prevail.

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  1. Is it noteworthy that the post on a single derelict building attracted some 18 comments but a Secretary of State telling parliament the country is about to knowingly and deliberately going to break the law on merits one comment?


    1. Paul – I agree it is noteworthy. To me, the Government’s own admission that it is planning to break the law is utterly shocking and despicable. We must hang our heads in shame. Thank you for drawing it to our attention.


  2. The government deliberately announced the 6 rule for social gatherings last night to draw the public’s attention away from this. There is no way our MP will deviate from the party message. He supported Dominic Cummings laughable explanation for breaking the rules.


  3. It is shocking that our government (regardless of political persuasion) has stooped so low. If I had to consider just one comment on this Forum it would be from our MP, Darren Henry. I’m sure many fellow residents would like to hear his view on this issue but I fear he will be complicit and vote to support his Pied Piper.


  4. Darren Henry and those he supports have lost touch with reality.. To my mind what matters is eg.,not who has what share of today’s fish stocks, it is how do we ensure that In twenty years time the world has a fish stock at all; nor does it matter much what rules we have for trading or who decides on what the rules are..what matters is how we are going to ensure we in the UK have anything to trade at all.


  5. I wrote to Darren Henry urging him to put his head above the parapet for once and voice his opposition to this brazen breach of the law by voting for the amendment being proposed by some Tory rebels today. A complete waste of time: he replied (as expected) with a lengthy, stock answer, The Purpose of the Bill and a justification under the heading , Accusations of Breaking International Law. We should expect more of our MP than this.


  6. Unfortunately Pat it is exactly what I expected he would say. To misquote Gilbert and Sullivan “he would never think of thinking for himself at all”


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