Darren Henry’s Update on 3 September 2020

It is great to be back in Parliament and representing the people of Broxtowe.

This week, I asked the Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts, Chris Philp, an Urgent Question about illegal Channel crossings and was glad to hear the Government is committed to putting a stop to those. This is an incredibly emotive and important issue, but I am clear in my views that more should be done to stop the criminals who prey on vulnerable migrants seeking a better life. This is a view I know many of you share and I was glad to hear the Government’s commitment to ending this dangerous journey and ensuring that support is targeted at those most in need.

The Government also launched the Kickstart scheme which delivers £2 billion to create thousands of new jobs for young people across the UK. I know that young people have been adversely affected by Covid-19 and I share the Government’s enthusiasm for ensuring that young people are given opportunities to learn skills that will help them to develop a career. You can read more about the scheme here and I would encourage as many local employers in Broxtowe to sign up to provide Kickstart jobs. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Recovering from Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge, but my colleagues in Parliament and I are keen to ensure your views are shared with Ministers and Government departments. As such, we have launched Covid-19 Recovery surveys and I would be grateful if you could fill my survey out online. The results of this survey will help shape the questions I ask in the Chamber and the projects I lobby for, so it would be invaluable to hear what matters to you most.

Next week is National Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week (RAAW). Rheumatoid arthritis can be an incredibly painful condition, and, for a long time, people may not even realise they have it. You can read more about the symptoms online here and see what support is available if you do have it. Rheumatoid arthritis can also be a hidden disability and, as I have said many times before, it is important that we are all understanding of this. For example, if you have this condition, you may need to sit down on public transport as standing causes too much pain. As we all continue to head back to school, work and resume leisure activities, I would ask you all to please be mindful of this and support each other as best as we can. Not every disability is visible, and it is vital that people with disabilities do not feel judged for asking for the support they need.

I hope you all have an enjoyable rest of the week.

Warm Regards,

My First Day Back in Parliament

Mailing address:
168 Derby Road,

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