Bank Holiday Bin Collections

August Waste and Recycling Bulletin

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Bank Holiday Bin Collections

Graphic showing that bin collections roll forward one day for the bank holiday

As you all know, the August bank holiday is just around the corner.  Please double check your bin collection dates. Collections will have been moved to the day after your usual date, so it’s important you mark it on your calendar in advance of the week of 31st August.

Monday changes to Tuesday, Tuesday changes to Wednesday, Wednesday changes to Thursday, Thursday changes to Friday and Friday changes to Saturday.

Please make sure your bin is outside your house, with lid closed and no side waste, by 6:30am to be collected.

If you’re not sure when your collection day is, you can check online using our ‘When Is My Collection Tool’.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling Image

Did you know, that when one non-recyclable item gets put into the recycling bin, it can mean the entire contents need to be disposed of? The sorting and recycling process is a careful one and contaminates can make the process almost impossible.

Just a reminder, items like paper, cardboard, tins, cans and plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine and butter tubs are fine but other items like food waste, nappies or sanitary waste, wood, toys, textiles, clothing, shoes, glass, garden waste and non-recyclable plastics can’t be put into the recycling bin. For information on how to dispose of these other items, please see our handy A to Z guide on disposing items here.

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Our Bin Brigade

Refuse Team Thank You

We are so proud of our Waste Collection team. Despite the global pandemic, our team has continued collecting, paying close attention to safety measures every step of the way. During lockdown, you donated gifts and treats to keep them going and throughout our Thank You Week, which was 17th August until 23rd August, lots of you shared lovely messages of support to this great team. Thank you so much for your understanding, support and great community spirit. This is what Broxtowe is all about!

Bulletin News

We have decided to make these bulletins a monthly event, coming to your inbox each month with fresh information, updates and stories. We hope you are as passionate and committed to reducing waste and making a positive difference to the planet as we are. If you have any stories of your own to share, ideas or feedback, please give us a call or message us through social media today. We’d love to hear how you are embracing recycling and any tips you have which you can share with other residents.

A Very Green Future

Bramcote Hills

Our Climate Change and Green Futures project (launched this year) puts the environment at the heart of our plans, making sure we do our bit for the planet. Over the next seven years, we are working hard to drive down our carbon emissions, as a Council and as a borough. You can help too, by helping to spread what you learn about the environment, how to reduce waste and make a difference. We all have a part to play and we look forward to sharing this journey to a greener future with everyone!

For more information visit our website.

Green Futures Information

Green Futures Footer

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