Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – Losing More Green Belt in Broxtowe South


Mike Lyons writes: The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan is out for consultation with a closing date of 14th September

The map above shows proposed ‘growth options’ for the south of the Borough. The identified land is in the protected Green Belt, some of which is in Bramcote.

The land referred on the map as B09.2 ‘Land East of Toton Lane’ is in fact predominantly ‘land north of Toton Lane’. This is currently farmland with a cereal crop waiting to be harvested and stretches from Toton Lane up to and across Common Lane, then crosses over the ridge before travelling down towards the horses field below Burnt Hill.

B09.1 ‘Land at Hill Top Farm’ Stapleford is to the west of the A52 and is also farmland, with a cereal crop waiting for harvest. The footpath from the top of Baulk Lane goes along the ridge-line here over to Stapleford Cemetery.

Take a look at the evidence base on the website and make your views known, if you wish to engage with the consultation.

See Strategic Plan 2020 Broxtowe South Growth Options


  1. People should not get upset about this for three reasons;

    1. The consultants (not employed by Broxtowe) were given a remit to ignore current Greenbelt and constraints such as HST. In reality they cannot.

    2. This is a first consultation and not a proposal and given that Broxtowe adopted a new local plan only last year, very, very few of these site are acceptable.

    3. Broxtowe can deliver the required number of homes suggested in the report without giving up any more greenbelt.

    This is far, far from a done deal as these suggestions are not supported by myself, Cllr Watts as Chair of Planning nor Cllr Hallam as Chair of Jobs and Economy who has responsibility for the Borough’s planning policies.


    1. But if “Greater Nottingham” (not just Broxtowe) requires more land to be identified for more new housing developments isn’t it legitimate for those other councils (City, Gedling, Rushcliffe and Erewash too, I suspect) to look across boundaries and isn’t there are requirement for councils to engage in cross-boundary working to meet the ‘strategic’ housing needs of the area?
      Not that I support even more building in the Bramcote/Stapleford area, but I understood council planners and councillors had to demonstrate cross-boundary co-operation in deciding what sites (if any) should be promoted for development in the local ‘housing market area’ which includes areas outside our borough boundary.
      It may not be a done deal but if the city council, for example, needs many new homes but simply doesn’t have the land available for building, the city has to look beyond its boundaries, hence the ‘strategic’ label rather than just ‘local’.
      At the end of the day won’t this be decided by a government-appointed planning inspector rather than by our councils anyway, even if the selected sites end up being locally unpopular?


  2. This process is a legal necessity that the council have to go through but there is no longer a shortage of existing building land across Broxtowe and so no longer the pressure on us to make any more land available for building. There is no reason that I can see why we should be losing any more of the green belt than we already have done.


  3. Steve, thank you for clarifying the Council’s position on this.

    When the new roundabout is put in on the A52 south of the Baulk Lane bridge, it will open up access for all the land on the eastern side. Any land taken out of the Greenbelt will then be easy pickings for the developers.


    1. Yes Mike you are correct but we may not be able to control events given recent national Government Policy announcements that seem to be wanting to take decisions away from local communities.


  4. This land is so well used by Walkers with or without dogs, runners etc. It’s an amenity which should not be lost The last time this was proposed an analysis was carried out and it was ruled out for housing. With the amount of greenbelt land lost in Broxtowe why consider more? It was my impression that our quota for the next five years has been meet.


  5. I live on Blake Road, backing on to the lovely woodland area. A new landowner has recently purchased Hilltop Farm & has sent a letter round to all the neighbours except myself as I had an argument when he started to clear the woodland during nesting & breeding season. The letter states he has no plans to build & is ‘restoring the land back to nature’. Since then he has been carrying out lots of work, destroying trees without any permission & digging up the undergrowth disturbing nesting birds so that he can instal a fence. The woodland has been there for hundreds of years with the most wonderful wildlife & birds including protected species. Since the new owner took over he has driven away a vast number of species of birds from their habitat including woodpeckers, owls & birds of prey as well as many ground birds. Broxtowe Borough Council have told me that no permission has been requested for the fence installation although one was requested last year which was withdrawn apparently. He has no permission for change of usage or to cut down the trees but I can’t seem to get anyone to help because of the Covid-19 situation. The council have last week emailed their arborist Phil Wood & his boss Steve Woodward following my discussions with Tom Genway & Christine Danby about the situation but he hasn’t contacted me & his number just goes dead when I ring. I know that permission was refused in 2017 because of the greenbelt area but I’m extremely concerned because the new owner is not a farmer but a business man who has given false information to all the property owners on Blake Road & preumably Windsor Street & Sisley Avenue stating that it will be his family home but, as he lives in Beeston Rylands, there is no way he is going to live in Stapleford. We need to protect our areas of greenbelt especially ones with such a vast species of wonderful wildlife. I used to have up to 200 birds at a time coming to feed in my garden & had lots in early spring but then they have dwindled since April when the new landowner took over & drove them away, now I have probably about 20 birds maximum at one time. Is there anybody that can help stop this man from destroying this woodland & farmland habitat. We need to protect our wildlife and woodland. The trees must not be destroyed but he has plans to instal a fence this week apparently & will have to destroy so many trees to do that. Since April it has no longer been a peaceful location but like living next to a race track & building site with all the building work going on & his kids racing round the land & farm lane in an off road go kart. This is noise pollution & unfair for the residents who want peace & quiet which is why we all moved to such a quiet location


  6. Liz, suggest you contact your Stapleford South East Broxtowe Borough Councillors David Grindell or Tim Hallam, contact details on the Council web site
    Know he area well and disturbed by your post


  7. Hi – where exactly are we supposed to make our views known if we wish to engage in the consultation ?


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