1. I would have thought that potential residents would like to know what shared facilities will be available. Community area, restaurant, bar, shops, hairdresser, greenhouse for the gardeners, workshop for the carpenters? And where they will be located? Perhaps the applicants or their agents can let us know?


  2. Thanks Stan for your pertinent questions As a ‘pay back’ for this development originally refused by the Council but granted on appeal it would be good to know the plans for converting 2/3rds of the site into a public open space including the frontage onto Thoresby Road and how it will be maintained.


    1. Yes I agree with this. I don’t think it’s yet sorted. My understanding is that it was to be part of the Unity Park proposal but now that’s been refused by the council goodness knows where we are on that. Again, can we have some input from the applicants or their agents?


    1. Thank you David, this is required for a fair appraisal of the plans. It is a stab in the dark re the entry to the driveway and the Thoresby Road end of the plans.


  3. Having reluctantly whilst serving as a Bramcote Ward Councillor accepted the development on this protected open space site it is so important the Council ensures that:-

    1. The buildings are minimally intrusive to their immediate neighbours on Wembley Gardens, Gateford Close and Balmoral Drive.

    2. More than adequate drainage and maintenance from the site to ensure there will be no garden flooding in a good part of Bramcote Moor and surrounding roads.

    3. As previously mentioned the original proposals from the Developer included the opening up of the remainder of the land and developing and maintaining a park area for use by the general public. So important that this proposal is honoured as part of the to be agreed planning application.

    Quite sure others will have specific detailed thoughts regarding the application which I leave to them to make their representations.


    1. I see there will be no means of accessing the new compex by pedestrians from either end. Iy is important that good access to the “community land from both ends is established and maintained. And id the new residents had a workshop they may be inclined to make some nice rural benchers for inclusion in the “community” land?


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