Wearing a Mask in Shops

Dr Allan Dodds writes: Today I returned from a week’s holiday in Scotland where everyone has to wear a mask in a shop. I visited a shop in Central Avenue today where two customers were neither wearing masks nor observing social distancing. I enquired at the counter as to whether masks were compulsory in England and was told they were. I then pointed out the two customers who were not wearing masks, to be told, “We’ve stopped challenging people about masks because of the abuse we receive”. In Scotland the incidence and prevalence of Covid-19 are significantly down, whereas in England rates are still around 700 per day. I wonder how best mask wearing can be enforced as the antisocial behaviour I witnessed today must surely contribute to the current rates of infection and if shopkeepers feel intimidated by aggressive customers there is no correction to their bad behaviour.


  1. I collect The Times from this shop every Saturday for my dad & I was told exactly the same thing. With the addendum that it’s exclusively the female staff who have been the victims of abuse when requesting masks be worn.
    It’s disgusting but, sadly, just another manifestation of the me, me, me philosophy increasingly seen in an England that values profit over people. It isn’t surprising that the governments of the last 10 years have produced selfish & anti-social people.
    The utterly incompetent bungling & appalling double-standards of the current shower have undoubtedly contributed to such behaviour.


  2. People who can’t wear a mask because of a genuine disability shouldn’t feel self conscious. However they are unlikely to be the ones being abusive. The rest of us have a duty to our fellow citizens to take this very simple and straight forward step to protect others.


  3. Sadly there are indeed many folk not adhering as Allan and Harry recount to the sensible and necessary precautions mandated by the Government

    For my part the majority are not only conforming with the regulations whilst shopping but being extra courteous, and polite to others in the shops. I would mention too the selfless vast number of people who have gone ‘an extra mile’ to help those less fortunate in our communities during the pandemic both as individuals or in local support groups.
    Adversity has brought out the very best in people, something as a Nation we should be immensely proud.
    Our Government’s support and encouragement to all ‘sticking to the rules’ and those local and national hero’s must and should not be undermined by those with a political agenda. but be applauded.

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  4. I am appalled by the comments left towards people who are not wearing face masks . I physically cannot stand covering my nose and mouth, as I am sure many other people have the same problem . Some of the masks people are wearing are absolutely disgusting, they are constantly touching them with their hands, moving them on and of their face, they look soggy and dirty. They then proceed to touch all the food items on the shelves, spreading germs everywhere some possibly Covid 19, Then put their hands over the card payment machine, these I will not touch, and always pay by cash, which is far cleaner than any of these machines.
    I have read many articles on this subject, over the last few days , from the scientific community, stating that the wearing of masks serves very little value, and that hand washing and social distancing is all that is needed.
    People who are wearing masks are spreading far more germs than those who don’t.
    So please leave us alone.


  5. What a selfish post…..

    ‘I physically can’t stand’ wearing a bit of cloth over my mouth and nose for a few minutes.’ What about the ICU staff who the actions of those with similar attitudes cause to have to wear a sealed, tight fitting respirator for 10+ hours a day, day in, day out.

    I get mild asthma and could easily play the exemption card – but I don’t as that would be selfish.

    As for paying cash….you are happy to have to force the assistant to handle your money, and all those in the cash handling chain as that is better for you – use contactless fgs or if you have to touch the keypad , carry a bottle of alcohol gel with you and use it the moment you have paid.

    And the pseudo science at the end…..what have germs got to do with coronavirus (the clue being in the latter part of the name)?

    We will only stand a chance of containing the virus until we (please God) get an effective vaccine if we act collectively with care for others place above our own inconvenience.


    1. Jonathan – without wishing to engage in the debate…

      The term “germs” refers to the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease.



  6. Jonathan E
    As any Medical Professional will tell you , masks must be changed after a certain time ,once exhaled water vapour partly saturates the fabric , it causes the mask to become ineffective. Germs also build up inside the mask, presenting a possible danger to oneself and others, oxygen intake is reduced, and more carbon dioxide is inhaled.

    As for forcing a cashier to take cash, I didn’t force anyone, all shops I have used willingly accept cash payments as part of their service, and the service has been excellent all through lockdown. I don’t think that makes me a selfish person..
    That is my last word on the matter


    1. So a supposed doctor practising in England wasn’t ware that people had to wear a face covering. That seems to be the problem; few know what the rules are so no wonder there are problems.

      I would agree with comment by P Atkins that many face coverings look disgusting and many wearers have pretty disgusting habits. I wouldn’t call them masks unless of the cowboy variety and rarely do you see you proper masks being used. People now wearing them outside where the medical research clearly shows no benefit, indeed the reverse.

      Some helpful advice to Dr. Dodds, if you go on holiday to Wales you don’t need to wear a face covering in a shop; we will see in a week or so whether they have rising cases compared to England but at moment reverse is happening as no local lockdowns in Wales compared to face covering England and Scotland.


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