Darren Henry’s Update on 31st July 2020

I was absolutely thrilled that the Prime Minister accepted my invitation to visit Broxtowe to discuss cycling in our community and, even more so, that he used sites and shops in Beeston – including the Canalside Heritage Centre and the Bike Lounge – to launch the Government’s £2 billion cycling revolution! This is a policy I am very passionate about as I have seen, and experienced, the benefits of cycling on our physical and mental health. It was a privilege to introduce local cycling groups such as Beeston Road Club and the Beeston Cycling Club to Boris Johnson. As far as I am concerned, this visit is just the start of an overhaul of the way we commute, exercise, stay fit and protect our environment in Broxtowe and I will actively campaign for better cycling facilities throughout the Constituency. Please do continue to fill out the survey on my website so that I can hear where you would like to see cycling paths, bike storage and other facilities in our community.

To encourage cycling in Broxtowe, I am launching my August Challenge and giving you the chance to be entered into a draw to win the ‘Boris On A Bike in Broxtowe’ helmet as worn and signed by the Prime Minister this week. Please check my Facebook page tomorrow for information on how to win.

The Prime Minister also officially opened my constituency office in Stapleford. I am so excited to be able to start hosting constituents, businesses, charities and local stakeholders in my office over the coming years. To maintain social distancing and keep us all safe, I will not be accepting walk-in appointments yet but, if you would like to meet, do not hesitate to drop me an email with more information on how I can help.

This afternoon I also visited the Millipede pub in Stapleford. My team and I have been supporting them to reopen in a covid-safe way and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Pouring the first pint of real ale straight from the barrel took me back to my days when I volunteered to run the RAF Wittering Bar after rugby matches – and it was great fun to be working the kegs again and serve residents in a different way to my usual day-job!

My team and I are happy that the Government’s #EatOutToHelpOut scheme is launching on Monday. From 3rd August 2020 to 31st August 2020 you can get a 50% discount (up to £10) on food and soft drinks when you eat-in at registered restaurants from Monday to Wednesday. It is great to see so many local restaurants, cafes and pubs signed up, so please have a look online and start making plans. Whether you are saving money on a date night, celebrating a birthday or catching up with friends, this is a great way to support local businesses but also have some much-needed fun after an incredibly difficult few months.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Broxtowe Borough Council. This week they shared that they have awarded over £17 million in grants to support local businesses. Whilst I was active in lobbying the Government for more support for businesses in Broxtowe, it is the Officers at the Council who have been instrumental in ensuring that 97% of those eligible have now received funding. My team and I have spoken to many businesses who are thankful for the Council’s swift action in developing processes from scratch and managing applications; the Officers deserve recognition for their tireless work!

As ever, if I can be of any help, please do let me know. I am continuing to work throughout recess and have upcoming meetings with local charities, businesses, housing developers and more over the coming weeks so please do get in touch if I can help, or you would like to meet.

Stay safe, well and keep on enjoying your summer,

Prime Minister Opening Darren Henry’s Office in Stapleford


Mailing address:
168 Derby Road,


  1. This makes me quite angry!

    Our officers have done a fantastic job and they have received support throughout this pandemic from councillors. Making sure they had resources, the finance and encouragement.

    It would have been nice of our MP to appreciate that as well. I would lay a bet that if the Conservatives had been in control their names would have been splattered all over this update.

    Your Borough councillors in Bramcote, David Watts, Hannah Land and Ian Tyler have done a fantastic job. They have all contributed to decisions to protect the public, bringing the Town centres safely out of lockdown and our response to the economic recovery. We asked Conservative councillors to join us in this effort. Just one, Don Pringle, rose to that challenge.

    So Darren Henry, when you are on your staged promotion events, opening your office and spouting absolute diatribe, give some credit to all the officers, LibDem, Labour, Independent councillors and Don Pringle who have stepped up to the mark and worked their socks off!


  2. Darren Henry, I see you are now co-driver of the “East Midlands Engine” designed amongst other things I believe to encourage exports to the USA.

    One member of my family is the MD of a local business located just outside your constituency that already exports to the USA. They are currently struggling to understand and put into practice the Government’s continuously changing CORVID regulations and so deliver to amongst others two household name US companies that even MPs will have heard of. This has involved (again amongst other things) adopting shift working and changing many other more mundane habits like eg., now following a one way system to toilets, remembering to disinfect the all the door handles on the way in and out to the premises, maintaining distancing during tea breaks.
    As you will appreciate these things cost time and money to implement. There are many other things that need managng eg., travel restrictions, reducing capacity to win more orders, meet suppliers and distributors and so on.

    At the same time as running the business it is necessary for him (as it is with every other parent) to come to terms with the fact that his children’s education is trashed, their holidays cancelled and their future unlikely to match their pre-corvid ambitions. Children are not stupid and they understand this and naturally they don’t like the prospect.

    Against this background and where many of their UK customers of the likes of RR in Derby disappearing, what plans do the Government’s East Midlands Engine have to help maintain employment for my family member and his twenty or so colleagues?

    I suspect the answer is the UK is to continue to dismantle our EU based (global) trading agreements in the belief that there is some ‘regulation lite’ way of improving trade with the ROW.

    It is such a shame that a local business painstakingly built up over twenty years that has made exports to 65 countries and is a recognised world leader is going to close as a result. Still, Boris did say making things was not worth any of his time (I paraphrase his exact words in order to cut out his expletive).


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