1. Not at all happy to read that the Police are not interested.
    Can someone please email me with regards this and I will of course follow this up.


    1. Rest assured police patrol cars have attended over the weekend and spoke to van drivers leaving the playing fields. Not sure the phrase “not interested” was the most accurate or helpful… but in any event well done to all who handled the situation quickly, efficiently and its seems very peacefully.


  2. Think I recognise the grey van from last weekend, it travelled down Trowell Rd to junction with Wollaton Vale and overtook us. Lights were red but they drove in to the right lane, then cut across left in front of queuing traffic, through red light and barged its way on to Wollaton Vale (not something you forget). Headed down to Highfields Park area at the Uni – guessing they’re probably the same travellers as those on their the other week (or at least know them).


  3. Quite sure the Police will be interested to take action. When Travellers were last on this site some two plus years ago the Police moved them within hours Entrance needs blocking off as then by the WHF Federation soonest to avoid further vans arriving
    Sure our BBC Councillors will be pro active in their attention to this issue


    1. Unfortunately the caretakers were painting the gates and left them unlocked while the
      paint dried. Spotters for the travelling folk reported this back and they were straight onto
      the land. It’s Bramcote school land so technically it belongs to the school federation.
      But the public use it for dog walking and other leisure activities. The police did attend
      but without a court order they can only ask the travellers to leave on behalf of the land
      owner. They did not break an entry so the application must be made to remove them by
      the courts. Should not take long if there’s a will. Then the police attend with a representative
      of the owners to execute the court order to ensure its carried out peacefully.


    1. Isn’t this a private matter that the landowner can/should deal with, without using borough council resources?
      So it’s either the county council or WHF? Just wondering.


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