1. Well , it goes to show how a planner can think or feel that they can bully its way around the rejected proposal . Let them fence it off , they knew and was aware of the Jk when they put in the plans , therefore it is off Thier own doing , That said the plans were rejeçted due to the impact off the bio diversity of natural green space and that these luxury houses are not in keep within the neighbourhood and too top that off
    if they had built these houses then it would be they themselves that would spread the jk as well as properties within this residence . Too me it only shows how these developers would not off delivered on the seven acres plan , more interested in themselves . So they can pick up thier ball as far as I’m concerned and go away with thier bullyism and blackmails .

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  2. This is just out of spite because planning was refused for 11 luxury houses. This land has been well used locally for over 20 years and Beeston North councillors are looking at public rights of way through the land. Fences will not contain Japanese Knotweed. If it was that easy we’d have eradicated it by now!

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    1. Talk about chucking your toys out the pram .. fence it off then who cares !! They bought the land without checking out weather or not they could do what they wanted so now the land is worthless to them well I tell you what why not just allow us to have it as it is very beautiful ..


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