Bramcote Unity Park Planning Application

Donna MacRae reports: Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Committee voted unanimously against the Bramcote Unity Park application in Broxtowe.


What will happen now?

Will the applicant appeal? An appeal is likely to fail as Broxtowe has its required 5 year land supply for housing. So the Planning Committee’s decision will stand.

What will happen regarding the Japanese Knotweed? This needs removing as it is reputedly close to gardens on Sandy Lane.

Will the land be fenced off? It is private land.


  1. This is excellent news and a triumph for common sense and the precious environment and wildlife that we who live closest to this proposed development value so much.


  2. Thank goodness the councillors saw this development for what it really was, certainly not a real plan to give the community a park. It’s also demonstrates how out of touch Bramcote neighbourhood forum are with the vast majority of the community as they had voted 88% in favour


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